All Derby City Council candidates in the 2022 local elections


A total of 80 candidates will contest Derby City Council’s next final ‘third’ election on Thursday, May 5, to win a council seat for just one year. From next year there will be an election every four years with all 51 council seats up for grabs in 2023.

But in the meantime for 2022 a number of former councilors have been appointed and three of the city’s political group leaders are defending their seats – Ruth Skelton (Lib Dems) Chris Poulter (Conservatives) and Alan Graves senior (Reform Derby). Nadine Peatfield, deputy leader of the Labor group, is also defending her seat.

Returning former advisers include John Whitby, Paul Bayliss, Martin Rawson, Farhatullah Khan, Ashiq Hussain and Richard Hudson, who will line up to compete for one of 17 seats under the outgoing third party system, which has seen an election every three years and the fourth year without an election.

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Candidates are running for the Conservative, Green, Labour, Labor and Co-operative, Liberal Democrat, Reform Derby and Reform UK and English Democrats parties, as well as an independent candidate. There are two candidates less than last year.

Elections should have been held in 2020, but were postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some councilors have decided not to run again, including Paul Bettany and Stephen Willoughby. Deputy Mayor Alan Grimadell, who won his seat in Darley by one vote last year, after then-Labour leader Lisa Eldret retired three years into her term four-year-old finds himself again in contention for the seat. The former mayors in the running are Peter Berry, John Whitby and Frank Harwood.

Of the seats up for grabs, eight are Conservative seats, four are Labour, three Liberal Democrats and two Derby Reform.

Overall, the current situation in the Tory-led City Council is as follows: Tories 21 seats, Labor 13, Liberal Democrats nine, Reform Derby six and two independent councillors. The conservatives have been in minority control of the authority since 2018.

The district with the most nominations is Chellaston, where in addition to the main political groups, an independent candidate, Celia Ingall, is running.

In-person voting will take place at 87 polling stations across the city, but around 30,000 people are expected to vote in advance using mail-in voting.

Here is the full list of candidates for Derby City Council in 2022:

Abbey District

Paul Thomas Hezelgrave – Labor and Co-operative Party *

Helen Georgina Hitchcock – Green Party

Adam Mark Hurt – Curator

Farhatullah Khan – Liberal Democrats

Julie Claire Paxton – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Allestree District

David Charles Adams – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Andrew James Bird – Liberal Democrats

Patrick Richey Green – Work

Tony Mott – Green Party

Roy Michael Webb – Curator *

Alvaston neighborhood

Peter Stanley Berry – Curator

David Rhys Edwards – Liberal Democrats

Alan Wayne Graves – Reform Derby and Reform UK *

Tom Spray – Labor and Co-operative Party

Neighborhood Arboretum

Stephen Maurice Handley- Reform Derby and Reform UK

Edward Jon Harrison – Curator

Shiraz Khan – work *

Jairo Fernando Marrero – Liberal Democrats

Blagreaves area

Saquib Amin – Work

David Rodney Jennings – Curator

Ruth Skelton – Liberal Democrats *

James Wise – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Boulton neighborhood

Chris Howlett – Curator

Alan Lindsey – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Iain Parker – Work

Jane Elizabeth Katherine Webb – Liberal Democrats

Neighborhood Chaddesden

John Phillip Banks – labor and cooperative

Rob Cooper – Curator *

Stevie Hardy – Green Party

Glenda Anne Howcroft – Liberal Democrats

Alfred Vaughan Saxby – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Chellaston District

Célia Ingall – Independent

Ross McCristal – Curator *

Viv Pointon – Work

Daniel Peter Thompson – Green Party

George Daniel Warren – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Paul James Wilson – Liberal Democrats

Neighborhood Darley

Alan Leslie Grimadell – Curator *

Lucy Ann Murphy – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Carmel Swan – Labor and Co-op

Jane Sarah Temple – Green Party

Gregory Philip Webb – Liberal Democrats

Neighborhood Derwent

Gaynor Collick – Curator

Gouy de Muyncke Reform Derby and Reform UK

Richard Hudson – Liberal Democrats

Martin James Rawson – Labor and Co-operative

Littleover neighborhood

Carol Lynne Bradley – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Lucy Helen Care – Liberal Democrats *

Jak Jason Edward Carr – Green Party

Philip Andrew Hutchinson – Labor and Co-operative

Ed Packham – Curator

Mackworth Neighborhood

Carmine Branco – Liberal Democrats

Nigel John Caulton – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Adrian Michael Pegg – Curator *

Neighborhood Sam – Green

John Michael Whitby – work

Mickleover Neighborhood

Jonathan Paul Bayliss – work

Alison Joyce Holmes – Curator *

Nick Northover – Liberal Democrats

Steve Peach – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Holly Rushbrooke – Green Party

Normanton neighborhood

Anthony Blaney – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Abdul Basit Jabbar – Liberal Democrats

Jamie Mulhall – Curator

Balbir Singh Sandhu – Labor and Cooperative *

Oakwood neighborhood

Mick Barker – Curator *

Helen Barbara Caulton – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Molly Christodoulou – Green Party

Frank Harwood – Liberal Democrats

Neil Wilson – Labor and Co-op

Sinfin District

David William Black – English Democrats

Jay Joshi – Curator

Paul John Lind – Liberal Democrats

Brenden De-Clive May – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Nadine Dawn Louise Peatfield – Work *

Spondon district

Stephen William Fowke – Reform Derby and Reform UK

Ashiq Hussain – Work

Christopher Paul Poulter – Curator *

Victor Thomas Wood – Green Party

Philip Anthony Wray – Liberal Democrats

* stand for re-election


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