America needs more centrist candidates like Tim Ryan who lean towards the middle


Having attended a rally for Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan, I must vehemently disagree with Adam Barrington’s Oct. 16 letter suggesting that Democrats should have fielded a progressive Senate candidate (“The Ryan-Vance debate showed two failed policy directions”). The main reason we have recently seen so much alt-right behavior from historically reasonable Republicans is the desire for an America that is no more. Extreme GOP stances such as denying elections, attempts to “burden the election commissions,” and strategies to curb minority voting can be explained by conservative reaction to hard-left, far-left stances, such as as defunding the police and teaching sexuality at an early age.

We all need to lean toward the center, recognizing that reason on both sides of the aisle could allow us, despite our differences, to bring America back to one nation, all rowing in the same direction.

Tim Ryan is simply a throwback to the old Democratic Party, which stood up for workers and brought jobs back to America, while standing strong against threats from Russia and China, without going overboard on the progressive agenda. Come on America – let’s bring sensible politicians back to Congress so we can move this country forward together.

Michael C. Perlmuter,

Pepper pike


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