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Tom nehil

We’re in the middle of another election season in Minnesota – this will be my eighth since joining MinnPost.

As you can imagine, election coverage sparks a number of interesting conversations in the newsroom between reporters and editors, but the one that comes up without fail is about timing: is it too early to write this story. election in particular? Are people still paying attention?

There are a lot of opinions about it and not a lot of factual basis for them, and eventually the stories get published and read anyway – some more than others.

But then something else happens, almost always every year as well: the day before election, and even more so on election day, stories that we have posted throughout the year about issues and issues. Election candidates suddenly see big leaps in readership – everything from who is running for the legislature to the details on, uh, colorful candidates for the Supreme Court.


Now, as an engaged citizen who always stays on top of the news, you may be tempted to poke fun at people scrambling to prepare for the election the day before their vote – or in the queue. at their polling station! – but I see these views on history as a big affirmation of the work we do. People are busy, and if MinnPost can provide Minnesotans with clear information they can trust about what they are voting on – no matter when they need it – it makes it seem like we are playing a pretty big role in our business. democracy.

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Meanwhile, we are working on our coverage for this year’s elections and those to come. Hope you read the stories, whether it’s on the day we publish them or on election day.

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