Austin American-Statesman: Letters to the Editor: December 28, 2021


If you suspect election fraud,

then produce the proof

The party member who claims that voter fraud and dirty tricks are rampant, but offers no evidence of either, is someone who is hoped never to sit on a jury.

A search for evidence of fraud has been exhaustive over the past year, so let’s see the documented results proving fraud to support the claim. All of these unproven claims attempt, as expected, to weaken confidence in our institutions and create chaos that undermines our democracy.

If fraud is suspected, produce the facts and then file the claim. Losing a race can be hard to accept, but attempts to reverse the results with allegations of fraud have been rejected by state after state. Our electoral system worked well.

Norma Watkins, San Marcos

Cook was right to vote against

delay millions in districts

Re: article from December 16, “Book Controversy Causes Williamson County to Delay Millions of Dollars for Round Rock and Leander School Districts. “

The Texans owe a debt of gratitude to Williamson County Commissioner Terry Cook. She was the only commissioner to vote against postponing delivery of the $ 8.7 million the federal government allocated to Leander and Round Rock school districts to offset costs incurred by their schools to fight the pandemic.

The reason given by the remaining Commissioners for withholding the money was that they, the Commissioners, disapproved of certain books that they thought were available to students in those schools.

The heroes elected in our lives today are those individuals who demonstrate an understanding of their tenure and exercise common sense in their official actions. They definitely stand out from attention seekers and position the swaggers around them. They genuinely serve their constituents.

Susan Johnson, Austin


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