AWI China campaigns bring in $122 million in incremental sales


AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation’s retail associates in China attributed $122 million in additional wool garment sales to targeted online marketing campaigns late last year.

AWI’s campaign analysis shows that during Wool Week in October last year, followed by the Double 11 and Double 12 festivals, its associates generated $122 million in incremental wool apparel sales.

This is a 40% year-over-year increase from the $87 million in incremental sales generated by AWI campaigns in 2020.

Double 11 is also known as Singles’ Day and is an online shopping festival held on November 11 in China. The Double 12 takes place on December 12, known as “Couples Day”.

AWI Acting General Manager John Roberts said the results underscore the importance of promoting our wool in key consumer markets around the world.

“This is further proof that AWI has delivered strong results for the Australian wool producer tapping into the world’s most lucrative fashion market, China.

“The top-selling items were women’s clothing, including sweaters and knit cardigans,” he said.

Roberts said the latest campaign showcases the premium natural qualities and effortless style of merino wool, all with the aim of making merino wool the most coveted clothing fiber for consumers during the winter. winter 2021 in China.

“Planning is already underway to build on this success and create even more demand for Australian wool.”

Woolmark partners with e-commerce giant TMALL

AWI said its wholly owned subsidiary – The Woolmark Company – has partnered with e-commerce giant TMALL to put merino wool at the forefront of the minds of digitally savvy shoppers, while further championing the products. in wool from high-end Chinese and international brands.

TMALL is part of the Alibaba Group and is the most visited online retail website in China, accounting for nearly half of all retail e-commerce sales.

The Woolmark Company’s collaboration with TMALL built on similar and highly successful joint campaigns over the previous two years, AWI said.

The Woolmark Company also worked with China’s No.1 live streamer, Viya, to host a live event on September 27, which was particularly popular. Partner brands included: MO&Co., Lily, Eifini, GXG, Dazzle, Edition and Banxiaoxue.

Campaign analysis also showed:

  • 54,100,936 video views – a 230pc increase year over year
  • +40.5pc increase in merino wool awareness
  • 380 million page views on the Wool Hub – a 27% year-over-year increase)

AWI said purchase intent for merino wool increased significantly, and the percentage of consumers with higher intent was 87.1%, up 22.4% from a year earlier.


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