Big Brother 24 Live Stream Spoilers: Flawed Campaigns (Day 33)


The veto ceremony is probably coming in about 24 hours in the Big Brother 24 house, and there is certainly a lot of activity inside! People play. All may not play good, but they play and it’s easy to give them some credit.

With that in mind, let’s talk about Terrance spending some time this afternoon trying to convince Joseph of all people to be okay with getting Monte out…then back to Daniel acting like he’s succeeded in his speech . (He wasn’t.) This whole plan is fun since to start with, Terrance would have to stay in the neighborhood alongside Monte and Joseph for this to happen. (Michael and Brittany have veto power, for those who don’t know.) He doesn’t know the remains, but Terrance should at least know that Monte and Joseph are close. It’s not a plan that makes much sense.

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The irony of this Monte plan is that the people who start it – be it Alyssa, Jasmine or Terrance – make Michael more confident to keep it going. It’s ammunition to show Monte that no one outside of the Remnants has his book! This week may have brought Michael closer to that part of the alliance for now, and he’s more suspicious of Kyle after being so paranoid about bouldering and alliances that don’t even exist. Daniel still remains the target.

Michael told all of us live feeders this afternoon that he would end up having to cut leftovers; after all, he wants Taylor, Brittany, Indy and Jasmine in the final five with him and he thinks he could beat them all. He acknowledges that Taylor would be the group’s biggest threat and he’s right; with all the adversity she has already overcome this season, she would easily win in the final two.

Do you think Michael is making the right decision Big Brother 24 move taking Daniel this week?

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