Buckingham, Kleberg Top GLO Candidates


The Texas General Land Office, or GLO, manages state-owned land and mining properties, ensures veterans get the benefits they’ve earned, and oversees investments that bring billions of dollars to public education. The office is probably best known for running the Alamo. With Land Commissioner George P. Bush running for Attorney General, the GLO is assured of a new leadership.

In the Republican runoff for Land Commissioner, we recommend the state Senator Dawn Buckingham, a Lakeway-based eye surgeon. She collected a long list of endorsements and raised a significant amount of money.

We have significant political disagreements with Buckingham, and she hasn’t told us about her candidacy, but we recognize the value of her experience as a state senator and the established relationships. These relationships are important, especially given the strong passions around the Alamo. We believe they would pay dividends as the state moves forward with its plan to reinvent the Alamo. We expect the Cradle of Texas Liberty to tell a complete and accurate history of the site that brings proper respect to the battle of 1836.

We spoke with Buckingham’s opponent, Tim Westley, a US Army veteran, pastor, educator and current historian of the Texas Republican Party.

For the Democratic second round, we maintain our recommendation to Jay Klebergformer associate director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and descendant of the legendary King Ranch.

Kleberg, based in Austin, has a long work on conservation issues and would use the office to bring attention to climate change, renewable energy, veterans’ issues and coastal conservation. He is an exceptional candidate.

He faces Sandragrace Martinez, a Bexar County native with experience as a clinical therapist and parole officer.


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