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Citi, under its holding company Citigroup, is one of the four most popular and well-known US banks. There are approximately 2,500 Citi branches and over 70,000 ATMs around the world, so it’s very convenient to find locations with the services you need nearby. Citi also offers a mobile app for convenient online banking, credit cards, and debit cards.

Citi locations near me

You can easily locate the nearest Citi branch to you through a search on Google Maps or by visiting the Citi website and accessing its branch locator. Simply enter a zip code, address, city or state to get started.

You can sort your search results on the Citi website by branch or ATM and filter by the services you need. You can also filter your Citi search for locations reserved for ATMs or branches.

Citi Branch Nearby

Retail banking branches offer a wide range of services, from setting up bank accounts to applying for home and auto loans. The Citi location feature will allow you to filter by services you might need at its branches. The types of services available that you can filter on the Citi website are:

  • relationship manager
  • mortgage loan officer
  • International Banking Center
  • Financial advisors

Citi ATM near me

Using the branch locator on the Citi website, you can find branches by city, state, and zip code or simply reposition the Google Maps interface. Each search result will indicate whether it is an ATM or a branch, using a dollar icon or a building. You can further filter the ATM results by checking the boxes for the following options:

About Citi

Customer service

On the Citi website, you can find contact information by department, such as banking, loans, and retirement. For general customer service assistance, you can:

  • Call the general customer service line at 800-374-9700.
  • Send a message to Citi using the Citi Mobile app.

Business hours

You can view Citi’s hours of operation by branch through a Google Maps search, by using the Citi locator feature on its website, or by calling the location you plan to visit.

Like most U.S. banks, Citi branches are generally closed on federal holidays and some statutory holidays.

Other banks, ATMs and services nearby

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Other services

This article was updated on May 9, 2022 to reflect the number of ATMs in Citi’s network.

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Citi. Any opinions, analyses, criticisms or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been endorsed by Citi. Other information is accurate as of August 10, 2022.

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