City Plans Meet and Greet Six Final Candidates for City Manager | News


Marshall City Council officially announced its six final nominees for the permanent position of Marshall City Manager, along with plans for nominees to meet and greet the community.

City council members along with its hired advisory group, Strategic Government Resources, or SRG, narrowed candidates for city manager to the remaining six months of searches and interviews.

The six nominees will make a presentation to Council and meet with a leadership team of City staff on March 28-29. Staff members will also show them around the city.

Members of the community will have the opportunity to meet the nominees and offer written assessments of each on March 28 at Memorial City Hall from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

The event is open to the public, and community members are encouraged to attend to get to know their potential future city manager.

Benjamin (Ben) Limmer — General Manager, Bus Operations/Charlotte, NC Project Manager.

Charles Fenner – General Manager of Municipal Development and Real Estate of Terrell, TX.

Dana L. Schoening – Deputy City Manager / Director of Planning and Operations of Sweetwater, TX.

Matthew Hairline – Former Deputy City Manager/Acting City Manager of Dover, DE.

Melissa Vossmer – Acting City Manager of Dalhart, TX.

Terrell Smith – Assistant to the City Manager of Sugarland, TX.


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