Cleveland mayoral candidates make final efforts ahead of election day



CLEVELAND (WJW) – With just two days before election day, the two candidates vying for the next mayor of Cleveland are making their final push to the voters.

Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelley want to replace current mayor Frank Jackson who is not running for a fifth term.

The two candidates say they are satisfied with the chances of being elected as the next mayor of Cleveland on Tuesday. The two polled various neighborhoods as they tried to convince voters they should rule Cleveland for the next four years.

On Halloween night, two days before Election Day, the two candidates vying to become Cleveland’s next mayor hand out candy to eager adventurers.

City Council Chairman Kevin Kelley and nonprofit executive Justin Bibb each said they were confident about their chances on Tuesday.

“This will be the most important election in Cleveland history and we cannot afford to have the same thing inside City Hall anymore and our campaign is all about bringing new energy and new ideas to get our city out of this pandemic so that we can have an inclusive return. coming out of COVID-19, ”Bibb said.

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“It’s all on the ballot Tuesday… the future of your neighborhood, the safety of your neighborhood… when you look at the candidates difference, I’m just going to ask people to really look at the substance rather than the style and look at the candidates. results rather than rhetoric, ”Kelley said.

Kevin Kelley spent Sunday surveying neighborhoods, talking to residents. Earlier in the afternoon, we met him in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland.

“Today we knock, we text, we walk, we call, we send texts and we send e-mails…. we’re doing everything we can to get voters out, ”Kelley said.

FOX 8 met Justin Bibb on Sunday afternoon, visiting local businesses in the Buckeye Shaker community.

“We have a different innovative mission and vision to move our city forward… [a horn honks], thank you, ”Bibb said.

The latest poll by Baldwin Wallace shows Justin Bibb ahead of Kevin Kelley by nine points.

“I encourage you, if you believe it, to watch their primary poll which won the victory of Dennis Kucinich and another person who is not with us today is not in the primary,” Kelley said. .

“The only poll that matters is the poll we see on election day,” Bibb said. “That’s why we’ve been knocking on doors all weekend, calling voters, texting voters, making sure we get the message out about our campaign and why Cleveland can’t wait for a new leader in this race to. the town hall.”

Both candidates say crime is the number one problem on Clevelanders’ minds.

Their biggest difference is Question 24, which would empower a civilian review board to deal with police misconduct.

“The only thing we could do to make matters worse would be to adopt number 24 to fund police and take resources out of neighborhood safety programs and give them to an unelected group of political appointees who have more power.” as the mayor of the city. of Cleveland, ”Kelley said.

“Without trust between the police and the residents, we have no security,” Bibb said. “This is why I support number 24, because I think it is a good step in the right direction to restore confidence in the police and the residents and again, it is not about funding the police. it’s about making sure our residents have equal justice under the law that they deserve. “



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