Coalition Launches Campaign for Special Election Session to Restore KUSD Board Salaries and Tax Funding | Local News


During the session, voters significantly reduced school board compensation by approving an allowance of $ 100 per regular in-person school board meeting only. Board members would not receive any compensation for special meetings or committee meetings. Board per diems were capped at $ 25 for actual loss of income while performing school board duties that would deprive members of their regular employment. Both came into effect immediately.

For years, board members, including the school board chair, had each earned an annual stipend of $ 6,500 and a per diem of $ 60, amounts the coalition petitioners want restored. At the special meeting, voters would also be asked to reinstate the unified administration’s proposed tax levy of $ 88,907,061 for next year. Voters at the annual meeting who sought to reduce the levy had reduced it to $ 86,000,000.

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Tarik Hamdan, chief financial officer of Kenosha Unified, presents the district’s preliminary 2021-2022 budget figures ahead of the annual meeting of voters on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

Voters take non-binding recommendations

Administration officials said the tax collection figures could change further as the district this month receives its recalculated equalization aid and final state property values. In addition, the voters’ recommendations on the tax levy are not binding.

Guerrero said the coalition, in calling for the special meeting, “is trying to remove the politicization from the future of our students.”

“It would be a way for community members to show their support for KUSD students as the district strives to fulfill its mission of ‘providing excellent and stimulating learning opportunities’,” she said. .

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