Edo Central NNPP senatorial candidate bets on INEC and election law


The New Nigeria People’s Congress (NNPP) Senate candidate seeking to represent Edo Central of Edo State in the 2023 elections, Mr. Okoduwa Akhigbe, has expressed his optimism over the conduct of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) ), also noting that the new electoral law is a test of the will and ability to make positive changes in the country’s electoral system.

Akhigbe, a UK-educated development economist, is seeking to replace incumbent Senator Clifford Ordia of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He said he was running under the NNPP platform regardless of the criticisms against the party that it lacks political structure, adding that the real structure lies in the hearts and minds of the people.

He, however, called on residents of the Edo Central Senate District not to focus on party politics and to vote for candidates who can bring democratic dividends.

According to Akhigbe, “The motivation for running is basically a desire to render selfless service, selfless service that will ensure positive change towards the development of Edo Central.

“When I talk about positive change, it’s a desire to change the status quo. I think one of the scourges of our society is to build strong people, a strong party without strong masses. My party is new and comes with a strong vision, something entirely new to what has been.

“Yes, people talk about structure to ensure electoral success, these structures are in the hearts and minds of our people because our people can see and it is obviously clear that things are not going well.

“Are we going to stay under the umbrella of a big structure and not look for a way to change the way things are done for the better? So what I’m trying to sell to people is that you can be the change we seek, a structure for a new vision that goes beyond partisan politics, people who genuinely seek a better life and the development of their community.

“You have to accept the fact that the will of the people is always greater than any kind of structure that has been.”

On INEC, the senatorial candidate from Edo Central expressed his optimism that the electorate will hand over its responsibilities in giving Nigerians free, fair and credible elections.

“So far so good, we want to believe that INEC will be responsible, which we can all see from all the indications and thank God for the new electoral law. It will actually test people’s ability to have positive change,” Akhigbe added.


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