Election Law Amendment Bill will improve Nigeria’s electoral system – Sheriff – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Director of the Institute of Legislative Studies at the University of Abuja, Dr Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim, instructed the National Assembly to conclude the amendments to the electoral law in order to to fight against the embezzlement associated with the elections in the country.

Dr Ibrahim said elections in the country have always been characterized by vote-buying, intimidation, violence, low voter turnout, tear-up of ballet boxes and excessive votes, from local government, governance to the presidential elections, stressing that only the electoral law could address the challenges.

He made the call at the 2021 Election Law Amendment Symposium titled “The Democratic Achievement of Nigeria,” which was held Thursday at the amphitheater of the Institute for Legislative Studies at the University of Nigeria. ‘Abuja.

He lamented that every four years Nigeria spends billions of naira to organize elections, but with little improvement, noting that with the malfeasance that has defined the country’s electoral system, there is a need to improve the system. integrity and credibility of the electoral process.

He asserted that while the provisions proposed in the Election Law Amendment Bill would not perfect the electoral process, they would improve the conduct of free and credible elections in the country, which citizens have long aspired to. .

He called on Nigerians to abide by the principles of modernity and embrace the digitization of the electoral system.

He said electronic means of transmission should be accepted as they would embellish and personalize the country’s electoral process and prevent rigging, delay in announcing results and waste of funds.

Dr Ibrahim also urged lawmakers to reconsider the bill and ensure that electronic transmission of the electoral process is passed, as this would not only save us time, but also promote free and fair elections in the country.


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