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Scottsdale, Arizona, September 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Scottsdale-based Veritas Global Protection president Elijah Norton recently announced plans for a campaign for Congress AZ. After spending his early professional career in business, he challenges Rep. David Schweikert on the Republican ticket to Arizona’s Sixth District.

Norton, who currently has no political experience to date, believes his business-oriented background can benefit the district he plans to represent. He builds his campaign around ethical leadership and wise decisions to positively impact the historically conservative district.

The 31-year-old Missouri native moved to Arizona in 2017. Although he has yet to run for office, he has been active in the community from the moment he arrived. He has donated to the cause to help several candidates he has supported and firmly believes in helping the community as much as possible.

Norton believes there is room to improve representation in the district at the congressional level. Bringing in a new perspective can have a different kind of impact that the region is not used to. Complacency is an issue that plagues some districts at times, and Norton believes his opinions can help one of the wealthiest districts in America.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit helps Norton connect with many entrepreneurs living in the neighborhood. Over the past two decades, many have traveled to this part of the country to start new businesses of varying sizes and successes. Representing the evolving community after spending so much time as a business developer will prove to be beneficial.

Elijah Norton of Veritas Global Protection will face an incumbent Republican candidate in the primary. Currently, David Schweikert is serving his sixth term. Norton would be his first opponent in the primary since 2016, but he has faced increasingly difficult challenges with each election of the Democrats. The district is well known for its right-wing vote, as no Democrats have represented the district since 1995. That means the main winner would be the overwhelming front-runner to win later in the year.

Lack of experience in politics shouldn’t be a big deal for Norton’s chances. Many of the reps already in place got a spot on the first try. There were representatives of the business community who quickly found success.

About Élie Norton

Elijah Norton is the President and Founder of Veritas Global Protection, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company offers vehicle protection plans to drivers in the United States seeking coverage to help offset the cost of unforeseen car problems and regular maintenance. Vehicle protection plans work with standard auto insurance to provide comprehensive coverage for anything that could affect a vehicle’s performance, whether large or small. The 31-year-old Missouri native is a registered Republican who is currently running for office as Arizona’s 6th District representative in Congress.

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