Fairtrade Launches Global ‘Bittersweet’ Campaign to Build a Fairer Future for Cocoa Farmers



“Unwrap a Fairer Future” is a campaign film specially commissioned to show how choosing Fairtrade chocolate can change the lives of cocoa farmers. Produced by Fairtrade in collaboration with Niels hoebers, the stop-motion animation tells the story of two custom-made chocolate bars. At first glance, the two look pretty good to eat, but when unpacked the bars tell two very different stories.

The bitter bar shows the cocoa lands of West Africa, where uncertified cocoa farmers who are unable to grow their crop under fair trade terms face injustice and low prices, leading to poverty and deforestation that hold back farming communities. The film also portrays a softer side: Fairtrade-certified cocoa farmers benefit from rigorous independent standards and are supported to adapt their farming practices to meet those standards, earning fair prices for their cocoa.

“We make the bitter cost of every bar of uncertified chocolate instantly apparent,” said Nilufar Verjee, Fairtrade’s Director of Public Engagement and Head of the Global Cocoa Campaign. “It’s a captivating and shareable way to find out why the cocoa farmers who grow the cocoa in our favorite chocolate bars deserve better incomes. “

Fairtrade advocate and “Bridgerton” actress Adjoa Andoh shared, “Every Fairtrade chocolate bar you buy, every cocoa bean, means decent health care, education and a collective voice throughout the supply chain. Make the choice of hope, a future and joy, through the delicious medium of chocolate. Happy World Fairtrade Chocolate Day! “

Sweet Bitter launched with cocoa farmers sharing their own personal experiences. In the following days, 22 Fairtrade world regions share information on social media about the impact of Fairtrade, where to buy Fairtrade chocolate and how consumers can help by sharing with a friend. The campaign will culminate with the launch of the “Unpack a Fairer Future” animation on the occasion of World Chocolate Day, July 7, 2021.

Download the press kits on: https://bit.ly/2SLXfrB

Media contact: [email protected] | +44 (0) 7886 301486.

SOURCE Fairtrade International

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