Family, friends and advocates launch #FreePeterMax campaign with open letter and website demanding the release of renowned artist Peter Max from abusive guardianship and enforced segregation


NEW YORK, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – #FreePeterMax is a popular movement demanding the release of a renowned 84-year-old artist Pierre Max of an unconstitutional and predatory guardianship that severely restricted his access to his family and friends while depleting his bank account of millions of dollars. The campaign urges supporters to sign an open letter that will be sent to public officials with jurisdiction over guardianship (also called guardianship).

Peter’s involuntary isolation and cruel treatment at the hands of the court-appointed guardian (a stranger) began almost a year before COVID, in violation of his civil liberties and human rights. The letter (below) details the operation and can be signed at

The personalities who have already signed are: Michel lang (Producer & Creator of the Woodstock Music Festival), Teacher. Philippe C. Marshall (grandson of Brooke Astor), Tom freston (former Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks and former Co-Chairman and Co-COO of Viacom), Mary L. Trump, Bradford Disney Lund (grandson of Walt disney who is also trapped in an abusive guardianship), Catherine falk (daughter of Pierre Falk, pioneer of the Peter Falk Bill), Kerry Rooney Mack (daughter of Mickey rooney, defender of family rights), Dr Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy (former defender of justice), as well as the co-founders of To free Britney America and other advocates across the country.

The full letter and a list of eminent people who have already signed on to it can be viewed online at

The campaign is also accessible via:
Twitter: @FreePeterMax
Facebook: @FreePeterMax
Instagram @FreePeterMax


Pierre Max – Pop artist, 84-year-old devoted and loving father, loyal and compassionate friend, Holocaust survivor, animal and human rights advocate and victim of Alzheimer’s disease – is kept in forced isolation in trusteeship predatory to New York City. The Guardianship has exhausted the gains of her hard-earned life by more than $ 16 million, with millions being paid, without his permission, to guardians and court-appointed lawyers who now control every aspect of his life.

Since 2019, Peter’s family and friends have been waging a private legal battle to free Peter from his involuntary isolation at the hands of strangers; give it back its dignity; and allow him to be surrounded by his loved ones at the end of his life. After more than two years of isolation, those close to Peter fear that he will lose his will to live. His health deteriorated sharply; he seems dangerously over-medicated; and his family and friends fear for his life.

Peter is gentle, loving and a deeply sensitive man. All those close to him know that he thrives with the company and suffers without it. Peter was born in Nazi Germany; he escaped with only his parents, with most of his family killed by the Nazis. He grew up as a refugee in Shanghai. The trauma and loss that Peter experienced at a young age has remained with him throughout his life. Peter has arrived Brooklyn as a teenage immigrant with a hope for the American dream and a love for freedom. The beauty of his art was his response to war.

Contact: Chris Bastardi [email protected] 917-484-1587


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