Family of fatal accident victim launches #Changethelaws campaign



QUINCY (WFEM) – A Quincy family has launched a campaign to change the car chase law after losing a loved one who was killed by a vehicle fleeing police in Quincy in March.

Stacie Sparks is the mother of the late Matthew Ballard who was killed in the crash on March 24 at 30th and Maine Street in Quincy.

“Hit him, put on a red light while fleeing from the police and we lost him,” Sparks said.

Quincy Police Department deputy administrative services chief Adams Yates said prosecutions are determined on a case-by-case basis and can be very dangerous situations for the officer, suspect and the public.

“That’s really what we need to care about is the public and making sure that what we’re trying to apprehend the suspect for is important enough. It’s worth putting the public at risk,” Yates said. .

Yates said they are responsible for some of the things that happen during a vehicle chase. He said knowing that they could not control the suspect’s conduct was all the more reason to engage or disengage.

“If we know who they are. If we have identified them and can apprehend them at a later date and not endanger anyone, then we will because the responsibility is of great concern to us,” Yates said.

Sparks said that because her son was an innocent victim, she started the #changethelaws campaign.

“Because as of now Illinois says the law is really minimal for any vehicle incident. And there is just no justice in the laws as they stand. So we hope that maybe we can help the next family, ”Sparks said.

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