Former campaign manager denies allegations of sexual misconduct


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. (AP) – Lawyers for former Utah Gov. campaign manager Spencer Cox, who resigned this week after an investigation corroborated allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him by a campaign worker, qualify the accusations of baseless.

In a statement released Friday, attorneys representing Austin Cox said the relationship in question was a long-term relationship between two young adults that he ended earlier this year, KUTV reported..

“Our client unequivocally and categorically denies any claim to the contrary,” the statement read.

The Republican governor said Thursday that an independent investigation had found a reason to fire Austin Cox, his 2020 campaign manager, but he resigned before his completion. The investigation also revealed previously unreported “hostile conduct” towards other team members.

Lawyers for Austin Cox also criticized a joint statement by Governor Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson on Thursday that condemned the behavior of the former campaign manager on Friday.

KUTV asked to speak to Austin Cox on Friday, but his attorney declined their request for an interview.

The governor and the former campaign manager are not related.


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