General Steve Anderson January 6 and the “domestic cancer” threatening American democracy


This morning’s opinion comes from Retired U.S. Army General Steven Anderson:

43 years ago, I took an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Back then, who could have imagined the national attack on our democracy a year ago this week?

I am increasingly concerned that our military has become politicized and infected with the acrimony that plagues our society today.

Just consider this:

All of this nonsense can confuse our troops about the difference between allegiance to a leader and allegiance to our Constitution. Such confusion could create the conditions for another coup attempt, a thought that freezes me to the bone.

The deadly attack on the United States Capitol, based on lies about the 2020 election, was aimed at blocking the Electoral College‘s certification of President-elect Joe Biden and keeping President Donald Trump in the White House.

Samuel Corum / Getty Images

So what should we do?

First, all insurgents must be held accountable, including the politicians who supported the assault on Capitol Hill.

Brig. General Steve Anderson (retired).

CBS News

We must educate our military on the Constitution, the integrity and the legitimacy of our electoral system.

The Pentagon must identify emerging threats and the war game against future national terrorist acts.

And we need a policy that prevents troops from join hate groups. Military service is a deep privilege, and we cannot allow extremists to contaminate the morale and cohesion of the unit.

Ultimately, our army is just a reflection of us – you and me. The disinformation and hate rhetoric that infect our country and our political discourse weaken our national defense and vitalize our adversaries.

We must learn the lessons of the January 6 insurgency and take immediate action to protect our great democracy from the domestic cancer that continues to grow within us.

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