Google will launch its “Multisearch Near Me” image and text-based local search feature in the US


A new feature from Google that will allow users to search using both images and text combined to find local retailers that carry the clothing, household items or food you’re looking for will soon be rolling out to users in the United States. , Google announced today during its “Search on”. The company previewed the feature at its Google I/O developer conference in May, signaling a development that seemed to be built into a future where AR glasses could be used to kickstart searches.

The feature builds on Google’s “multi-search” feature launched in April, which allows users to combine a photo and text to create personalized searches, initially around buying clothes. For example, you can search Google using a photo of a dress, then type in the word “green” to narrow the search results to those where the dress was available in that specific color.

Multisearch Near Me, meanwhile, expanded this feature even further, as it could then direct the user to a local retailer that had the green dress in stock. It could also be used to locate other types of items, like household items, gear, shoes, or even a favorite dish at a local restaurant.

“This new way to search is really about helping you connect with local businesses, whether you’re looking to support your local neighborhood store or just need something right away, you can’t wait for shipping. “said Cathy Edwards, vice president and general manager. Google search.

Picture credits: Google

At Google’s developer conference, the company previewed how the feature would work, as users could take advantage of their phone’s camera or upload an image to begin this different type of search query. The company also demonstrated how a user could one day pan their camera around the scene in front of them to learn more about the objects in front of them – a feature that would be a compelling addition to AR glasses, some say.

However, this feature itself was not yet available to users at the time – it was just a preview.

Today, Google announces that Multisearch Near Me will be rolling out to US users in English “this fall.” He did not give an exact launch date.

Additionally, the multi-search functionality itself (without the local component) will also be expanded to support over 70 languages ​​over the next few months.

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learn more about Google Search On 2022 on TechCrunch


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