Government candidates Virginia McAuliffe and Youngkin attack each other when asked about the crime


ROANOKE, Virginia – Most communities in America are experiencing an increase in crime. Granted, states across the country do count with this violence, and Virginia is no different.

WSLS 10 News asked the 2021 gubernatorial candidates how they are going to tackle this growing problem. We got those answers from Glenn Youngkin and former Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Here is the statement from Macaulay Porter, spokesperson for Youngkin:

“When Terry McAuliffe was governor, the murder rate in Virginia rose 43%, the rape rate rose every year, his corrupt parole board freed violent criminals and killers, and he allowed criminals to ‘get guns more easily. As governor, Glenn Youngkin will prioritize public safety, support law enforcement, and work hard to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Terry McAuliffe will only bring more chaos by attacking the police and giving all violent criminals access to parole. “

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At an event in Roanoke on Thursday, McAuliffe said this:

“With Glenn Youngkin as governor of this state, he will kill jobs and he will hurt our police for taking money out of their pockets,” McAuliffe said. “We must ban the sale of assault weapons, number one. We need to get rid of the ghost guns. We need to get rid of the high capacity magazines. I can tell you right off the bat that we have to do it. Glenn Youngkin says very publicly that he is against all of them.

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