Gubernatorial candidates talk about the future of the state


RIGBY, Idaho (KIFI) – Three of the 2022 gubernatorial candidates shared their plans for Idaho’s future tonight.

They reunited at the annual “Lincoln Day” event at Rigby High. It is an annual fundraising event for Republican Party organizations.

Governor Brad Little, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin and Edward Humphreys each spoke to the packed room on a variety of topics.

Governor Little shared his thoughts on our economic progress following the covid-19 pandemic.

“We are the first or second state to recover from the pandemic,” Governor Little said. “We are one of the fastest growing states or fastest growing incomes.”

While Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin spoke about her goals if elected.

“I will do a harder job of defending the sovereignty of our state and making this evil government, the federal government, overtake us,” McGeachin said. “And I will continue to fight for our traditional conservative values.”

Gubernatorial candidate Ed Humphreys explained how his campaign was different from that of other candidates.

“There are more than 1,000 campaign contributions to Humphrey than my two main opponents combined,” Humphreys said. “We can see everywhere as we go around the state, the signs, the banners are going up. People are really excited to see a candidate that’s very different from what they’re used to.”

Candidates for positions such as attorney general and lieutenant governor were also present.

Voters will have their say on our next leader on November 22.


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