Heidi Ganahl says Facebook is censoring campaign ads


Heidi Ganahl claimed that the platform blocked political ads that her campaign was trying to run.


Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl claimed that Facebook was blocking her campaign ads. Facebook’s parent company said Ganahl’s campaign failed to follow basic steps and offered technical assistance to fix the problem.

Ganahl recently echoed conservative talking points about Big Tech’s censorship of his campaign during a September 24 appearance on Radio KNUS with host Jimmy Sengenberger.

“We are blocked by Facebook and Instagram,” Ganahl said. “We’re not allowed to advertise like other campaigns. It’s literally happening here in Colorado on our campaign.”

Facebook publicly accessible library of paid political advertisements shows that Ganahl’s campaign is advertising on Facebook, but at paltry levels compared to Democratic Gov. Jared Polis.

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Ganahl’s Facebook page saw $846 in paid advertising between July 27 and October 14, compared to $184,000 in paid advertising on Polis’ Facebook page during the same period, and $80,000 in page spend. titled “Heidi Ganahl: Extremely Bad for Colorado”.

A spokeswoman for Ganahl explained their request for censorship by saying that the current ads were placed by a third-party company contracted by the Ganahl campaign after they “failed to get ads posted through Meta’s platform.”

“We followed Meta’s guidelines for ad placement and were repeatedly rejected,” Ganahl spokeswoman Lexi Swearingen said. “We also tried to contact Meta and were unsuccessful.”

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, said the problem was a simple form that the Ganahl campaign failed to complete.

“In this case, additional ads were rejected because the advertiser failed to successfully attach a paid-for disclaimer, which is required for all political ads in the United States,” a doorman said. -word of Meta. “All the advertiser needs to do is link their disclaimer and resubmit the ads.”

Meta directed the Ganahl campaign towards this technical support page explaining the troubleshooting process.

The organizer of the Ganahl campaign group “Ganahl Gals” filed a request for additional censorship on October 16.

Ganahl Gals volunteer organizer Rebekah Meurer claimed in an Oct. 16 Facebook post that “social media is blocking posts about tonight’s debate.”

Reached by phone, Meurer declined to provide evidence for her claim that social media was blocking posts about the Oct. 16 debate between Ganahl and Polis. Meurer said she revealed the evidence in the private Ganahl Gals Facebook group and refused to allow 9NEWS access to the page to view it.

The Ganahl campaign said Meurer did not speak on behalf of the campaign and the campaign did not provide evidence to support Meurer’s claim that the debate posts were censored.

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