How Critical Role Campaign 3 connects to Exandria Unlimited


The Critical Role timeline typically takes years between campaigns, but Exandria Unlimited and this summer’s Campaign Three take place side by side.

During the summer critical role filled the void between campaigns with a story arc called Exandria unlimited. At first, fans thought it was just a godsend meant to keep them occupied while they waited for the start of the third campaign, but the links between Exandria unlimited and the new campaign is more narrowly drawn than one might have imagined.

With just eight episodes to work on, Exandria unlimited Dungeon Master, Aabriya Iyengar, managed to wrap up as many details as possible, ending the adventure with a bit of closure to calm fans down. However, there was still so much unfinished at the end of the story that it raised hopes of a return to Iyengar’s story.

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Critical Role's Official Exandria Unlimited Art

With the launch of the Dungeons & Dragons‘campaign three play show on October 21, fans were surprised when the new characters were introduced. Arrived in Marquet for a new stage of their adventure, three of the Exandria unlimiteds five player characters: Fearne Calloway by Ashley Johnson, Orym by Liam O’Brian and Dorian Storm by Robbie Daymond. So far, Daymond (including critical role his debut was in Exandria) appeared in both episodes as a guest star, although it is not clear if Dorian will leave at some point or if he will become a permanent actor instead.

Noting that they had left behind the rest of the band, DM Matthew Mercer’s Dariax Zaveon and Aimee Carrero’s Opal after Opal harmonized with the Spider Queen Remnant, the three embarked on a new one together. stage of their journey, apparently at the behest of Ashari Tempest Keyleth, Marisha Ray’s character from the first campaign. It remains to be seen why they continue to travel together and what Keyleth is looking for, but it already looks like the previously established enemies and adventures of the Crown Guardians will be incorporated into the new campaign.

The Guardians of the Crown have made a major enemy in Emon. The Nameless Ones, as the group identified themselves, were looking for the Crown of the Spider Queen, and when the group found themselves in possession of it, they determined it was dangerous to hand it over. Fleeing from Emon and the Nameless, the group fought against the power of the crown, even seeing a change in alignment for Dorian when he agreed to sacrifice Poska to the Spider Queen if it meant saving his friends.

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Game and Cast of Critical Role Campaign 3

With Opal tuned to the crown at the end of Exandria unlimited and the Nameless Ones still around, fans can only assume that at some point these characters, enemies and the crown itself will return to play. Opal could even be corrupted to such an extent that it poses a threat to his old friends and the new adventurers with whom they have teamed up.

The Guardians of the Crown suffered a strange loss of time and memory during their adventure that was never fully explained. It remains to be seen whether this point will be explored further in the new campaign, but the mystery of their reunion as a group will almost surely be revealed at some point as the new party gets to know each other.

Because critical role Continuously unfolds in the world of Exandria, created by Mercer, with each new campaign and story arc featuring elements, locations, events, and characters previously revealed or explored in previous campaigns. Directly link the events and characters of Exandria unlimited doesn’t necessarily mean the entire campaign will be consumed by these storylines, but fans can rest assured that they haven’t seen the last of enemies like Poska and his Nameless Ones any more than they saw the last of. Opal, Dariax and the dangerous Remnant of Divergence.

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