I will apply the quota system, introduce the diaspora vote – Atiku


The former vice president and presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party said that some of his goals for the next four years from 2023 would include the application of the quota system and meritocracy, a judicious fight against corruption and the introduction of the diaspora vote in the electoral process. .

In his mission statement posted on his website and distributed via email, Atiku said some of his goals for the next four years from 2023 would include enforcing the quota system and meritocracy, a wise fight against corruption and the introduction of the diaspora vote in the electoral process. .

The former vice president, who was one of the presidential candidates selected by the party on Friday ahead of its May 28-29 presidential primaries, said he and his team marked his campaign with the message of unity.

He said that rebuilding the country would require restoring its broken bond of unity among its diverse peoples.

“A divided house is the enemy of itself. So, to really stop the spiral of insecurity in Nigeria and restore confidence in our economy, we must start by strengthening the bond of our national unity,” he added.

Outlining his goals, Atiku said he would “fix Nigeria and make it work for the greater good; unify the country and lead its people to talk about unity and development; reorganize and rejuvenate the comatose economy; diversify and liberalize the economy to generate jobs and create new sources of income, apply the true principles of the federal quota system with an emphasis on meritocracy.

He added that he would declare a national emergency in the areas of energy, security, education, public health and agriculture, among other critical sectors. He also said he would ensure the inclusion of women and youth in politics and business and the prompt payment of pensions to retirees.

The former vice president said he would “leave a legacy of good governance and real democracy dividends, wisely fight corruption, invest in educational innovation and connect to global e-commerce.

He added that he would “ensure the availability and sustainability of food, adequate national security and the well-being of citizens; modernize and improve the standard of living of the personnel and security equipment of the armed forces; explore a mutually beneficial foreign affairs policy, at the sub-regional, continental and international levels, revamp Nigeria as a giant of Africa, enrich and widen the coast of the electoral process like due diligence, fairness and fairness, as well as the introduction of high technology in elections in the country, such as the vote of the diaspora.

Meanwhile, as the party’s National Executive Committee meets next week, the former vice president urged the committee not to experiment with zoning until the next election in 2023.

He was quoted as saying this in a statement titled ‘Priority to Zoning Victory, Atiku Tells PDP NEC’, by National Publicity Secretary of the Atiku Support Organization, Dr Victor Moses, including a copy was sent to Saturday PUNCH.

The PDP’s NEC will meet on Wednesday to decide whether to zone its presidency to a particular region or allow each presidential candidate to contest the primary.

Atiku also noted that the battle ahead in 2023 was not a battle of trial and error, but a battle to save “the soul of Nigeria”.

He further called on the National Executive Committee of the PDP to shun regional and overriding sentiments and launch the contest for the presidential ticket to interested aspirants.

Part of the statement read: “The battle ahead in 2023 is not a battle of trial and error, test or experimentation or is it a battle for young or old. It is essentially a battle to save the soul of Nigeria. This is a battle to save our children and the next generation to come.

“Therefore, either we do our best to reclaim the seat of power and fix Nigeria, or we stand in the endless desert and watch the APC destroy us, the economy and the country in general. ”

“History will beckon to the leadership of the PDP as what will soon be decided on zoning (in the coming week) will not only have a major impact on reorienting Nigeria’s path to greatness, but will also prove preparedness. and the PDP’s readiness or lack thereof to regain power in the 2023 presidential elections.

“Nigeria is bleeding, bleeding to death and in desperate need of a savior. The fate of over 215 million Nigerians rests on your shoulders. As a party aiming to return to power in 2023, the PDP must not commit a mistake that will cost him dearly and hurt Nigerians.

“Therefore, we encourage the PDP leadership to shun regional and overriding sentiment, reject selfishness and open the presidential ticket to all interested aspirants so that the best can emerge to lead the party to victory.

“To secure victory in the 2023 election, we must follow vigorously and with all our might to support a candidate with the necessary capacity, mass following and national appeal to give us the desired victory at the 2023 presidential election against the disastrous performance of the APC-led government.

“I am the man whose hat fits to unite and rebuild Nigeria. The stakes are high in 2023, therefore, we cannot afford to start from scratch,” the statement read.

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