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Maryland House
District 3

Kathy Diener



Frederick, Frederick County


BA Humanities (UMGC) JD (Georgetown Law)

Vote and volunteer

What is the most pressing issue in your district?

As the past two years have demonstrated, we have a serious problem with government overreach in all aspects of life, including dictating when and how we shop, eat out, go to the movies or breathe in audience. A glaring aspect of this overreach is the efforts of the government educational institution to indoctrinate children and circumvent parental authority.

How are you going to help your constituents deal with inflation?

Inflation results from a combination of federal monetary policy and reckless tax and spending policies at the federal and state levels. Eliminating regulations that restrict the ability of small and medium-sized businesses to succeed is crucial to enabling organic growth in wages and opportunities.

What do you see as the top transportation priority in your district and how would you address it?

Frederick County’s population has grown significantly since the last expansion of I-270. US-15 also carries significantly more traffic from the northern part of the county over the past 10 years. These roads and bridges are in serious need of repair, modernization and expansion.

What should schools be doing differently in the next pandemic to help students, families, and teachers?

In general, schools should recognize parents as the primary guardians of their children’s well-being. As such, it should be up to parents to decide whether children go to school in person, wear masks, etc. Closures and mandates should not be imposed. However, online and distance education should be developed and formalized for students whose families have chosen this option.

How fairly do the police treat people of color?

Protecting people from crime is a core responsibility of government, and polls show communities of color want more policing, not less. At the same time, the police represent the full power of the state; therefore, it must be disciplined and managed with sufficient oversight to protect the rights of all those it serves.

What would you do to ensure Maryland’s voting system is safe and accurate?

I support single election day (no early voting), in-person voting, voter identification, and absentee voting by mail only for limited exceptions. Given the value of public confidence in the integrity of the electoral system, these common sense measures, which were the norm in the past, are not overstated.

What are good targets and timelines for Maryland to reduce carbon emissions and expand renewable energy sources?

Energy policy should focus on improving energy efficiency and production through free market supported modalities. Government-imposed limits and delays will result in unnecessary expense, increased economic hardship for consumers, and other unintended consequences that may cause more suffering than they alleviate.

What is Maryland’s best use of federal COVID relief money?

Government at all levels is responsible for the economic crisis that accompanies the Covid pandemic. The best way forward is to empower individuals and small businesses to conduct their own risk/benefit analysis and choose how to respond.


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