Launch of a campaign inviting women into the skilled trades


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — We’ve already told you about the nationwide truck driver shortage.

They are part of several high-demand trade industry jobs.

Now, Women Wednesday’s is launching a new campaign at Lively Tech to encourage more women to hone their skills and take on these jobs.

Trade companies call on women to fill in-demand positions.

Currently, women make up less than 3% of jobs in trade industries.

Trades include construction, welding and truck driving.

They don’t require a college education but offer stable work and generous salaries.

Many of these industries are currently facing staffing shortages as a result of the pandemic.

The campaign encouraged women to learn these skills.

“Women are skilled, we have talent, and there’s no reason, I mean a lot of times young women and girls don’t learn how to do a lot of these things, but we can change that. I think for parents, we have to make sure that we include our young girls and that they are part of all these skills that you develop throughout your life, ”said Barbara Westcott, founder of Women Wednesday.

The effort will connect women with training, apprenticeships and job opportunities in a variety of trades.

This is just one of many campaigns run by Women Wednesday’s organization introducing women to different opportunities in our community.

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