Letter to the editor: Senator Collins should continue his efforts to ensure fair voting rights


When Senator Susan Collins recently voted against suffrage legislation and said it gave the federal government too much power, I, and so many people I spoke with, were deeply disappointed. Without federal suffrage legislation, it seems Congress is willing to allow states to undermine suffrage and laws again the way they did before and have already begun to do so.

Last night on NPR, I heard that Senator Collins get organized a bipartisan committee to work on the electoral count law. It makes me feel like maybe she cares about making the vote fairer and hasn’t fallen back on the easy rationalizations that allow Republican inaction. It gives me hope for his commitment to an essential aspect of a fair and honest electoral system.

This is an excellent opportunity for Senator Collins to work with his fellow senators to prevent threats to the integrity of our elections.

Many observant, informed and thoughtful people believe that our democracy is in jeopardy. Senator Collins is one of the people with the power to work with the best of our leaders to fight injustice and the danger on the horizon. We will make sure she keeps her promise.

Martha Burtt

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