Letters to the Editor – National Guard Suicides, Pandemic Pledges, Campaigns, Dallas Cowboys


Soldiers deserve attention

Re: “Suicides Deserve Investigation – Deaths Among Texas National Guard Border Missions Raise Serious Questions,” Tuesday editorials.

This is not really a letter to the editor, but rather a note of gratitude for this editorial on the circumstances surrounding the National Guard’s border mission. I appreciate the recent stories by Allie Morris and Gromer Jeffers Jr., and I particularly appreciate the editorial. Thank you for shedding enough light on the situation that it finally got some of the attention it needed.

The cries of the soldiers were not enough to trigger such an action, which is a real shame. My son is one of those who serve. He and I appreciate your work on this subject more than I can express.

Peggy PhillipsCarrollton

Biden undercut

Re: “Biden is struggling to deliver on his pandemic promises – A year into his term, many parts of his 200-page plan have not been executed,” Wednesday’s news article

I resent your title. Do you honestly believe Biden would struggle to deliver on his pandemic promises if every eligible resident was vaccinated and wore a mask? It’s simple science. Denial of a vaccine allows a virus to mutate again and again, making it nearly impossible to stop.

Biden is not “struggling”. It is undermined at every step by citizens who refuse to do their part to eradicate this scourge. Can you imagine if we had behaved this way during the polio crisis?

Deborah Kronschnabel, Grapevine

Divided we fall

The main flaw in President Joe Biden’s plan to deal with the pandemic is that he thinks the American people would behave rationally and do what is necessary to stifle the rising tide of COVID-19. The same can be said for much of his other planning which finds no traction with “we the people”.

Apparently, we of the “Divided States of America” ​​would rather argue about our small differences than work together rationally to solve the many problems that plague us. We expect a deus ex machina to come down, wave a magic wand, and deliver us from our woes.

But the bitter truth of hard work born of respect for each other’s humanity marks the beginning of a true resolution to the many ills that beset us. Biden’s failure is to think that we are even more united as a people than not, and he is wrong on that fatal assumption.

John ZeiglerDenton

hypocrisy in action

Voting rights are rejected – how hypocritical is that? So-called Republicans say they demand the power of the vote. But then add that we, the people of the Republic, may not have it. (Inciting us to rage.)

Paula Craig, Dallas/Oak Cliff

GOP misinformation

I recently received a mailer in my mailbox from a Republican running for state representation. The content was typical of the misdirection, misinformation and outright lies so prevalent in the broken right wing of the Republican Party.

I now share some of the comments of this propaganda: “2nd Amendment sanctuary state”. Last year there were over 600 mass shootings in America. gunviolencearchive.org/past-tolls We need sanctuary from crackpots and the National Rifle Association. “CRT banned in schools.” Critical Race Theory is not taught in any school in Texas and never has been, so there was nothing to forbid.

“State income tax prohibited.” Texas has never had a state income tax. “Build the wall, secure the wall.” The January 6 protests and all those mass shootings were perpetrated by “good old boys” in America. We are in more danger from our neighbors than from a 12-year-old girl from Guatemala.

“Forbidden vax warrants.” So far, more than 5.5 million Texans have been infected and more than 77,000 have died because of “medical” advice from politicians.

Charlie Henry, town of Royse

Success starts with the coach

Like millions of other Cowboys fans, I was both disappointed and bitter at the team’s collapse in yet another playoff game. A team so rich in talent should have charted a lightning path to the Lombardi Trophy. While commentators will argue point and counterpoint and team ownership will once again make excuses, one key factor remains: the principle that a team (in sports or at work) will adopt the persona of its direct leader.

Nothing personal against Mike McCarthy, Jason Garrett, etc., but they were just emotionless statues on the sidelines. The team’s results and lack of success speak to this. The Cowboys need this fiery leader with passion, energy and emotion. A leader committed to team discipline.

The team needs this coach who is respected, revered and feared, but whose values ​​are embraced by every member of the team. Until Cowboys ownership can find Jimmy Johnson 2.0, it will be more of the same — an uninspiring leader on the sidelines and more disappointing seasons.

Steve Kestner, Anderson, Ind.

And ends with the coach

My late father was famous for saying that in a tight football game, the last 2 minutes of the game always come down to practice, which was sorely lacking in Sunday’s game. Jerry, you have big decisions to make.

Nancy Scholberg, East Dallas

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