Liz Truss reveals £100,000 campaign donation from wife of former BP executive | Liz Truss


Liz Truss has raised more than £420,000 in donations for her successful bid for Tory leadership, with the biggest single contribution made by the wife of a former BP executive.

The new Prime Minister’s costly campaign contributions were leaked just minutes before she revealed details of her long-awaited plan to tackle spiraling energy bills.

The average donation received by Truss was worth £20,000. Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak has raised £449,570 for his failed leadership campaign.

A spending cap of £300,000 was imposed by the Conservative Party Central Office at the start of the competition.

Truss recorded 21 donations to his campaign, in cash and transportation costs. The largest sum came from Fitriani Hay – the wife of James Hay, who owns a luxury empire and is a former BP executive. She offered Truss £100,000.

Other supporters included Tory peer Greville Howard, whose Westminster townhouse was used by his campaign team as their headquarters.

Michael Spencer also offered £25,000 to Truss in early August, a week after he gave the same sum to Sunak and two weeks after he did the same for another failed contestant, Penny Mordaunt.

Truss accepted £20,000 from Jon Moynihan, a prominent former member of the pro-Brexit Vote Leave campaign who called for the Electoral Commission to be scrapped, as well as £10,000 donated by a smoked salmon company run by the former MP of the Brexit party Lance Forman.

The Parliament statement also revealed on Thursday the £23,853 cost of Johnson’s wedding party over the summer, paid for by Anthony and Carole Bamford.

The couple ran JCB and footed the bill for catering, wait staff, portable toilets, marquee hire, flowers, ice cream van, and smoke and braai catering , when Johnson and his wife Carrie celebrated their wedding.

Truss became heir to their support, receiving £5,316 in carriage costs from JCB in early August.

Sunak took £50,000 from Yoginvest Ltd, a company controlled by property investor Nick Leslau, which gave £20,000 to the Tories in 2019.

Leslau told The Times in November 2020 that he would no longer donate to the party, angered by the government’s ban on commercial landlords evicting tenants. At the time, he said: ‘I think the flippancy with which the property industry has been treated has been narrow-minded.


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