Minister of Health: Special campaigns to vaccinate 15 million people in two weeks


Health officials record the names of residents of Korail slum for Covid-19 injections at a vaccination center in Dhaka slum on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 Focus Bangla

To date, over 54.78 million people have received the first dose while over 34.86 million have received both injections

The government is planning special campaigns to vaccinate an additional 15 million people against the coronavirus within two weeks, Health Minister Zahid Maleque said.

Citizens who registered through the Surokkha platform can obtain the photo during the trips, he said during a speech in Dhaka on Monday.

Community clinics would be used to conduct the vaccination campaign, Maleque added.

Community clinics had previously been used to distribute vaccines across the country and they would be used again in the coming days, the health minister said at the Bangladesh Society of Medicine seminar.

Health authorities have involved community clinics for the Covid vaccination during special weeklong campaigns conducted earlier this month. According to official figures, there are 13,972 community clinics across the country.

The government aims to administer an additional 60 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine by January to bring 7.5 million people under vaccination coverage, Maleque said.

Urging people to get vaccinated, he said: “The process is getting easier every day and the centers are not overcrowded like they used to be. That is why we are planning special training sessions in the coming days.

As of Sunday, more than 54.78 million people in Bangladesh received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine while more than 34.86 million people received the second injection.

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