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This year, however, many brands have crossed the line with ads that ended up scandalizing (Fem, Sabyasachi, Fab India) with their campaigns. Here are a few that captured the feeling of Diwali with restraint and power.

Deliver love

Amazon India takes up its #DeliverTheLove theme we saw during Rakshabandan, adding a poignant and memorable touch to its new Diwali campaign. The beautifully scripted ad showcases the power of caring-based relationships, with a flashback that will resonate with us all. Amazon’s Prime Video is also very successful with its counterintuitive campaign that urges viewers to hit the pause button on streaming videos and celebrate with loved ones instead. Using iconic characters from his hit shows Kaleen Bhaiyya (Mirzapur) and Siddhi (Four More Shots), the campaign takes place on both TV and digital platforms.

The best gift

British Airways’ new ‘The Best Gift’ campaign, aimed at last-minute travelers to make the most of this year’s holiday season, is also succeeding in tugging at the heartstrings. The film shows a young Indian, living abroad, looking for Diwali gifts to send home, to his family. Every gift idea is rejected as too expensive, too old-fashioned or just too unnecessary. Until he realizes that there is no better gift than a trip home to celebrate Diwali with those he misses the most.

Vivo’s return

Another campaign based on family reunions is the Vivo ad, which shows an elderly man living alone. However, the distance between him and his children haunts him. Thus, he finds comfort in the company of travelers who rent his house. The film then moves on to the Diwali era when a youngster decides to escape city life and bonds with the old man. The film ends with the union of the man and his family.

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