Oz faces additional allegations and Biden campaigns for Fetterman: Pa. October 20 daily political roundup


Here’s what you need to know about the Pennsylvania election on October 20.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Here’s what you need to know about the Pennsylvania election on Oct. 20:

Oz faces allegations over approved supplements

The Associated Press reported that Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz has ties to Usana Health Sciences, a supplement manufacturing company that is being investigated by federal officials and sued by shareholders. The company is accused of operating as a pyramid scheme.

Oz appeared at conventions for the company in 2018, and the company spent at least $50 million advertising his show, according to the report.

Usana said any suggestion of wrongdoing was misleading, incorrect, or simply untrue. Neither the company nor the Oz campaign disclosed how much Oz earned from promoting Usana products.

The Oz campaign responded to the allegations with a statement, which said in part,

“Dr. Oz was a successful businessman and world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon who invented life-saving devices to repair heart valves, raised $80 million for HealthCorps to help at-risk teens, funded a scholarships for #MoreBlackDoctors and hosted the world’s number one health show that has inspired millions to take control of their lives.”

President Joe Biden drove through Keystone State on Wednesday as part of the final campaign trail until the election, just 19 days away.

His first stop was Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh, which collapsed in January 2022, injuring at least 10 people. Biden attributed the current construction of a new bridge to the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, passed in 2021. Officials said the act allowed PennDOT to quickly allocate $25.3 million in federal funds to the project.

This is one of 2,400 bridges across the country that is being repaired this year because of this law,” Biden said in a speech.

The president traveled east later in the day to attend a fundraiser in Philadelphia for Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman.

Biden has remained exceptionally under a president’s radar in the midterm elections. Former President Donald Trump held 26 rallies in October 2018 and former President Barack Obama held 16 rallies in October 2016.

Older Pennsylvanians focus on inflation and health care

A new AARP survey found among Pennsylvania voters ages 50 and older, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro has a 10-point lead over Republican candidate Doug Mastriano, and John Fetterman has a 2-point lead. points on Mehmet Oz.

The stats are similar to the polls overall, but the 50+ voting bloc flagged different major issues. Among them were inflation, Social Security and Medicare.

“A lot of older Pennsylvanians are worried that these programs will be cut, that they will be privatized,” said AARP Pennsylvania State Director Bill Johnston-Walsh. “They are going to look at them in a different way. They know something has to be done, but they don’t want their benefits reduced.

Many voters can still be swayed; according to the poll, about 15% still do not know who to vote for.

Some important dates to remember:

October 24: Last day to register to vote.

November 1: Last day to request an absentee ballot. You can apply online here.

Nov. 8: Election Day and last-day ballots can arrive at county election offices.

You can find more information about the candidates, important dates and how to register to vote on our Election Guide page.

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