Patrick Brown does not rule out the return of municipal politics if “Pierre was to win”


Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown is not ruling out a return to municipal politics if the Conservative leadership race “gets to a point where it looks like Pierre (Poilievre) is going to win.”

“But I think we’re a long way from that point,” Brown said in an interview with West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson.

“I continue to believe that we can earn this leadership. I continue to believe that we can beat Pierre Poilievre and ensure that we actually have the ability to defeat Justin Trudeau in the next election.

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The timing of the municipal elections is difficult for Brown, who has been mayor of Brampton since 2018 and continues to fulfill that role while seeking the Conservative leadership. The deadline to declare a candidate for the mayoral race in Brampton is in mid-August, several weeks before the next federal Conservative leader is named.

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The issue is hotly debated in conservative circles, but has yet to become a major factor in the federal leadership race.

Although Brown and Poilievre served together in Ottawa during the Stephen Harper years, the animosity between their two camps has been evident since the start of the last Conservative leadership race.

Brown accused Poilievre of employing a “scorched earth” campaign in his bid to take the party’s top job and reiterated that he would not run in a federal election under the MP for Carleton’s banner.

“The fact that he continues to attack my campaign with a scorched earth approach, I think, speaks to the fact that he’s not confident. It doesn’t leave the impression of a confident frontrunner,” he said. said Brown in an interview.

Brown said he holds other candidates in “high regard,” including Jean Charest and Leslyn Lewis, and would be “happy” to run as either candidate in the next federal election. But he said he doesn’t believe Poilievre is “eligible” in parts of the country the Conservatives need to win to form government.

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Tories confident leadership vote won’t be delayed despite surge in membership

One of Poilievre’s top advisers, conservative strategist Jenni Byrne, has repeatedly accused Brown of lying, and the Poilievre campaign released a social media ad campaign suggesting the mayor of Brampton “would say and do anything.” what “.

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The party’s deadline to register eligible members to vote in the September 10 leadership race came and went earlier this month, and now the campaigns are busy trying to woo existing members to support their leadership candidates.

In his interview with The West Block, Brown addressed some controversial foreign policy stances he has taken in his leadership bid. This includes backing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, a stance that Canada and its NATO allies have refused to take, fearing an escalation of conflict with Russia.

On Thursday, the party leadership took the unusual step of reassuring leadership campaigns – and members – that the next leader would be announced on September 10 after an unprecedented surge in membership sales.

Although the Conservative Party itself won’t confirm the numbers, Poilievre’s campaign claimed more than 311,000 members signed up through the candidate’s website during the race, while Brown claims to have sold around 150,000 memberships.

The Charest campaign reassured its supporters that it had recruited enough members to ensure it had a “path” to victory, although it declined to divulge specific numbers. The campaigns of Leslyn Lewis, Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber did not release their own round of membership sales.

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Tory leadership race enters new phase as membership deadline nears

The party has not yet confirmed how many members will be able to vote in the contest. That’s largely because the party doesn’t know – the various campaigns always have the ability to look into membership lists and challenge any names they believe have been fraudulently added to the lists.

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Global News reported in May that the party could reach 500,000 members – which would be a record in modern Canadian politics and for the Conservative Party – but the party said on Thursday it expects “much more” than 600. 000 eligible voters. The party has pledged to obtain a final list of campaign-eligible voters by July 29.

Despite the unprecedented numbers, party leaders said they would be ready to send absentee ballots to members in late July or early August before the September 10 announcement.

“Thanks to the party’s recent experience in organizing national leadership elections involving hundreds of thousands of members, it has been able to scale up its operations to handle the increase in membership,” he said. wrote the party leadership in a press release on Thursday.

The 2022 contest has been a particularly sharp and personal campaign, even by the standards of recent conservative leaderships.

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Poilievre, the supposed frontrunner, accused former Quebec Premier Jean Charest of being a Liberal and Brown of being a liar. The Brown campaign hit back with its own personal attacks, while Charest repeatedly mocked Poilievre’s embrace of cryptocurrency and vowed to fire Canada’s central bank chief.

The last Conservative leader, Erin O’Toole, was ousted by deep divisions within the Conservative movement and caucus. The next Conservative leader will have to find a way to heal these fractures – and all the news that has emerged during this leadership tilt.

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CPC leadership race: Poilievre faces tougher competition than expected

CPC Leadership Race: Poilievre Faces Tougher Competition Than Expected – March 26, 2022

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