QC Kinetix (Branson) Now Offers Sports Medicine Treatments Near Me


Branson, MO – (NewMediaWire) – September 1, 2022 – via QC Kinetix – The traditional approach to pain control has forced patients to rely on painkillers. However, painkillers have been proven to have several negative effects on the body and health. In most cases, pain sufferers become addicted to these medications or get tired of relying on them to work properly. The response to such continued use is either discontinuation or the development of health problems caused by the side effects of continued exposure to painkillers.

In addition to painkillers, pain sufferers also have the option of undergoing surgery. Surgical procedures can be expensive and risky with few safeguards. Many people fear the risk of complications from surgery and can avoid it and the long recovery times associated with it altogether.

Due to the continued increase in the number of people with joint pain, QC Kinetix (Branson) is now offering sports medicine services near me to help more Branson, MO residents improve their quality of life.

Speaking about their sports medicine treatments, Scott Hoots, spokesperson for the clinic, said: “Pain from arthritis and other chronic conditions can limit your goals and reduce your quality of life. Today’s research advances make it possible to cure arthritic joint pain without surgery. . Regenerative medicine in Branson, MO can help relieve painful symptoms related to arthritis, including the two main forms of the disease: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. At QC Kinetix, our team of joint pain specialists provide regenerative pain relief to patients with chronic arthritis. joint pain due to osteoarthritis.”

The clinic’s spokesperson noted that their sports medicine treatment is minimally invasive and administered at their office for those wishing to learn more about their Branson office. Treatment providers noted that their primary goal was to treat joint pain and associated discomfort first by treating the symptoms and also equipping the patient’s body with the basic building blocks needed to enhance the body’s natural healing ability.

Encouraging patients to schedule a consultation meeting with them at their office, a treatment provider at QC Kinetix (Branson) mentioned that they entertain all patients no matter what joint issue they may be having. The treatment provider noted that athletes and non-athlete men and women are encouraged to bring their knee injuries to their offices. Sports medicine treatment providers offer treatment for knee tears and sprains such as medial collateral ligament or MCL injuries, meniscal or cartilage tears, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and other related conditions.

The treatment provider added that they are open to patients with other joint problems such as shoulder pain caused by arthritis, bone spurs, bursitis, dislocation, shoulder fracture or of the arm, a tear in the cartilage or the rotator cuff, a pinched nerve or others. Treatment providers also treat other common joint problems affecting the elbow, hip, ankle, wrist, fingers, toes, etc.

Speaking about its treatment approach, treatment provider QC Kinetix (Branson) noted that each new patient would receive a comprehensive consultation service to determine if they are a candidate for sports medicine and regenerative medicine treatment. Treatment providers will also review the patient’s medical history to understand previous treatments, allergies, and other important information. Patients will also undergo a comprehensive examination and physical evaluation to make an accurate diagnosis.

Once diagnosed, a unique treatment plan will be formulated to address the painful symptoms experienced by the patient while providing the body with the building blocks needed to establish long-term healing and repair of damaged tissue.

Interested Branson, MO residents can improve their quality of life and enjoy pain relief by scheduling an appointment with QC Kinetix (Branson) by phone at (417) 221-4779. Processors may also be contacted through their website or their office at 5571 Gretna Rd, Suite B, Branson, MO, 65616, US.

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