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Fourteen candidates will compete on February 8 for five seats on the Muskogee city council up for election in 2022.

Ward II councilor Jaime Stout will compete for a third four-year term against challenger Dale D. Boots, who previously ran in Ward III. Both candidates recently took the time to answer questions about their campaigns and the issues they feel are important.

Q: What do you think is the most important issue during this electoral cycle?

BOOTS: Industrial development and capitalization on all of Muskogee’s wonderful tourist opportunities. There are so many wonderful things to do with your family and friends in the ‘Gee. From hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, jeeping, the theater, cafes, water parks, which I think need some expansion, baseball and softball fields, Christmas lights to visit, to museums, to concerts, to lakes to go, I can go on and on with the multitude of activities available here in our beautiful city. One of the saddest things to hear is that there is nothing to do here. Go out and enjoy all that our city has to offer.

STOUT: I believe the most important issue for Ward II is economic development. We have some exciting things going on right now, but I think we need to continue to focus on developing this side of town so that Hilldale Schools have a broad tax base and are not dependent on bond issuance.

Q: What steps do you think are necessary to resolve this issue in order to effect the change you envision?

STOUT: I would work with the Director of Economic Development and ask the city to promote the Peak Boulevard areas to potential businesses.

BOOTS: I think the city in most aspects is moving in the right direction, but we as councilors have to work a lot harder to bring the industry into our city. Better jobs and having better workers to do those jobs is the key to our success. All the stereotypical agents of better homes, better jobs, better schools, better wages, better roads are all happening right now, though we have to strive to always be better.

Q: How would the lives of the residents of Muskogee be affected if you were successful in making this change?

BOOTS: As a counselor, I feel the ability to work well with others, to give and receive, and to constantly strive to improve Muskogee for everyone, not just now, but in the future. This is essential to prove the success of all Muskogee citizens. We are successful not only as individual neighborhoods, but as a whole city.

STOUT: It would help Hilldale Schools with the broadening of the tax base. It would also provide jobs and services south of Muskogee.

Q: Why do you think you are the best candidate to serve the interests of the community and of those you would represent if elected?

STOUT: I will bring a voice to all parts of my neighborhood, including Hilldale and Muskogee Public Schools. I believe it is important to involve all generations in the decision-making of our city, not just the privileged few. I am available to anyone in my parish who wishes to discuss issues. As a representative of your Ward II, we will continue to ensure that our city focuses more on fixing our roads and bridges. I have been active in leadership and volunteer roles in many community organizations, Relay For Life, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, WISH and United Way Day of Caring .

BOOTS: As an active volunteer in many aspects of our city, as an individual who has struggled and persevered to excel, I believe my life experiences and my ability to work with others without judgment makes me the optimal choice in this race. As an individual who possesses the ability to listen to all opinions and aspects of a subject without prejudice, knowing that there is always more than one way to achieve a result that benefits everyone. world, not just the privileged few. I really support four neighborhoods, one city.

Q: Please identify the specific skills and qualities that you feel are important for an elected official to be successful as a Muskogee city councilor and explain why.

BOOTS: As an instructor for the state and several agencies within it, I demonstrate the ability to work well with others to achieve a positive outcome for the majority. As a veteran, I understand the chain of command and the trust others place in all of us as Americans, to win. As a Christian of Christian morality, I firmly believe in leading my life by example for my children, for your children, for our children, to build a city they want to come back to after college and plant their roots, live their life here in our wonderful city.

STOUT: We work as a team to make Muskogee the best city possible, we need to work as a team, be honest, be responsible and show respect to those we serve.


AGE: 39 years old.

HOMETOWN: Muskogee.

PROFESSION: IT support analyst.

FAMILY: Single.

EDUCATION: Oktaha High School, Connors State College, Northeastern State University.

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Baptist, attending church: Emmanuel Baptiste.

LEISURE: Giving back to our community, photographing, spending time with friends and family.

WEBSITE / FACEBOOK PAGE: Jaime Stout – Ward 2 Councilor


AGE: 50 years old.

CITY OF ORIGIN: Bayard, Nebraska.

FAMILY: Wife, Famie Boots; son, Tyler Boots, 27, Ashley Boots, 24, Marissa Boots, 12, Jocelyn Boots, 6.

EDUCATION: High school graduate; three years of college studies with accumulated credits; former self-defense instructor; PR-24 instructor; OC instructor; LVNR instructor; ASP instructor; RCR-FA instructor. Honorably demobilized veteran.

OCCUPATION: Officer of justice.

LEISURE: Working with the horses of my family, pulling, fighting in cages when I was younger and watching him now that I am older, working on my motorcycles, my boats. Master Mason and Shriner for 22 years, running annual Toy Runs and Poker Runs in the past, Shrine Clown Car Show (treasurer of this unit), former president of Iron Horse Patrol, securing for my church, Genesis.



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