Raj Saini announces the end of his re-election campaign


TORONTO – Liberal MP Raj Saini has announced that he will end his campaign for re-election in the Ontario riding of Kitchener Center over allegations of improper conduct.

Saini, who has been accused of behaving inappropriately towards female staff members, said on Saturday in a statement on Twitter that “continuing to campaign no longer serves the best interests of my family, staff, campaign team and voters.”

Saini’s campaign team told CTV News by email that even though Saini will no longer campaign, his name will remain on the ballot because the deadline to unsubscribe from Elections Canada has already passed.

Earlier this week, the CBC reported four cases from anonymous sources describing instances in which Saini allegedly made unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate comments towards female staff members.

Saini has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. In his statement announcing the end of his re-election campaign, he reiterated his assertion that the allegations are “unequivocally false”.

“I will focus all of my attention and effort on challenging these bogus defamatory accusations and am in the process of consulting legal counsel to consider all options,” he added.

He said he was aware of only one complaint regarding his office and that the person involved refused to file a formal complaint. He also said that after learning of the allegation, he insisted that an independent third party examine his office through the House of Commons, which he said “found nothing to go wrong. was asked about harassment concerns in the office “.

Saini was first elected in 2015. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was criticized this week for supporting Saini.


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