Recreational Marijuana Petition Campaign Still On Track Despite Challenges, Organizer Says | Local news


Green said ORCA will seek partners in the state’s legal marijuana industry to help with the effort and raise awareness. He believes the campaign itself could be a signal to lawmakers that Oklahoma is ready for the next step in building a revenue-generating cannabis industry. They are targeting 300,000 signatures, well over the amount required, to send a message.

“If we do that and get organized in every district in the state, I don’t care… what they say” – the effect on lawmakers could be “chilling,” Green said, noting that the next session will be held in February for May at the Capitol.

It’s also ORCA’s planned start for collecting signatures, a testament to Green’s confidence in the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s January decision. He says most challenges of any merit were dealt with on Dec. 14 before a tribunal adjudicator.

“If all goes well,” said Green, and ORCA is able to submit more than the minimum number of signatures required by June, “this would give the governor more flexibility to allow us to participate in the first ballot. “.

His preference would be the run-off primaries from late August to the November general election, Green said. ORCA has a steep slope to climb to get to this point, but he’s all optimistic.


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