Review of “Midnight in Washington: How We Almost Lost Our Democracy and Still Could” by Adam Schiff


You don’t have to get in the mud with Rudy Giuliani or Corey Lewandowski. Just consider former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Who “proved too flexible” in front of the Speaker, writes Schiff. The then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, whose memo criticizing James Comey gave Trump cover to fire the FBI director, was not a “bad or corrupt person,” Schiff writes, but he was just “not strong enough to stand up to someone who was bad.” and corrupted. And while Schiff had nothing but contempt for lawmakers such as Reps Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows (who was also Trump’s chief of staff) and Kevin McCarthy – men who exemplified the idea that “the truth was. for suction cups [and] principle meant nothing “- his greatest contempt is directed against former Attorney General William Barr, whose public misrepresentation of Special Advocate Robert Mueller’s report prior to its publication amounted to an act of” willful and monstrous deception. ” Barr’s true nature was concealed during his service as attorney general in the administration of George HW Bush, writes Schiff, because he was surrounded by people of integrity. “Beside Donald Trump he appeared as a man completely different … Attached to a man of low character, he showed himself to be the same.

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