Senator Johnson meets with business owners in Chippewa Falls: ‘They can’t hire enough workers’ | Local News


CHRIS VETTER Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

US Senator Ron Johnson visited a plastics manufacturer in Chippewa Falls on Tuesday morning and met with more than a dozen business owners from western Wisconsin.

Johnson said it was a good business roundtable to examine the challenges facing businesses today.

“It’s the same thing I’ve been hearing for a while,” Johnson said after the event. “They can’t hire enough workers. Inflation is going up and they can’t get the goods.”

Johnson, who is seeking re-election, said rising inflation was caused by a dangerous mix of deficit spending and policies developed during the pandemic that “pay people not to work”.

“We have all the ingredients for a witcher’s brew,” Johnson said.

Inflation continues to climb to the point that people now expect to pay more for goods, he added.

“It’s extremely hard to break; it just spirals up,” Johnson said. “These wage gains are wiped out by inflation.”

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Johnson said the Biden administration must also stop adding to the regulatory burden facing businesses.

Charlie Walker, executive director of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation, arranged Johnson’s visit from Alliance Plastic. Walker said 15 companies from across western Wisconsin were represented at the business roundtable, which was closed to media.

“We wanted to make sure manufacturers could have an honest discussion with the senator, about how difficult it is to have supply chain issues and inflation issues,” Walker said.

Topics ranged from solving truck driver shortages to hiring more workers to expanding broadband, Walker said. Business owners were happy to have the time to discuss these topics with Johnson, Walker added.

“Any time you can get leaders from either party here, it’s great,” Walker said.

Before leaving Washington on Monday, Johnson hosted a pandemic roundtable he titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion.” Johnson has pushed some cheaper generic drugs that he says are effective in treating COVID-19.

“Our response to the pandemic could have been more rational,” Johnson said.

Johnson also voted to certify that Joe Biden had won the 2020 election on January 6, 2021. On Monday, Johnson did not comment on the plans of 10 Wisconsin Republicans who falsely submitted documents to Washington indicating that Donald Trump had won the election. ‘State.

“I respect the process. I was also candid,” Johnson said. “I don’t envision any scenario where none of Joe Biden’s voters would be allowed.”

However, Johnson expressed concern about the growth in the use of mail-in ballots to vote, saying they present the highest likelihood of fraud.

“Our overall goal is to restore confidence in the electoral system,” Johnson said. “It’s an unsustainable situation.”

He also wants to see plans implemented that will allow large population centers to count and submit their election results more quickly.

“It just creates suspicion,” Johnson said of the late release of election results.


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