Stick to thematic campaigns, CLO tells parties, candidates – The Sun Nigeria


Like parties gearing up for field campaigns, the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), South East Zone called on political parties and their candidates to stick to the issues and avoid character assassination.

The OCOL zone chairman Comrade Aloysius Attah in a statement released to Onitsha yesterday noted that Anambra’s election is the start of another long chapter in the state’s political history. where the need for the electorate to take charge of its destiny.

Attah said the COL is monitoring developments in the state in the run-up to elections, just as it has followed the political backgrounds of its state actors from the return to democracy in 1999 to the present day.

The CLO expressed concern that political actors over the years have deployed conventional and unconventional methods in the past to acquire power which in the long run have negatively affected the fortunes of the state and its people, but it is necessary this time to guarantee that only the right the choice of the people carried out in a clear atmosphere and free of any incitement will prevail.

“There was a time when elections in Anambra state were won thanks to what can be described as flying voting booth syndrome and manipulation of results sheets. In another era, it was a cash and carry, buy and pay off product of the highest bidder. This time it must be a man, a voice, no more, no less.

“Political actors should refrain from any campaign of slander, personality assault and demonization through social media. Problems should dominate the discourse with practical steps on how any plan can be achieved. We say no to empty rhetoric, empty promises and utopian ideas.

“Electorates need to shine their eyes and make sure they choose the candidate who can truly take the state to the next level and not one who can give them immediate satiety at the expense of long-term and sustainable development. People shouldn’t let feelings cloud their sense of judgment and reasoning, ”CLO said.


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