Survivor Resource Center’s NoMore Campaign


Danville, IL (WCIA)

We at the Violence Prevention Department are focused on eliminating sexual violence. We work with all members of the community to provide education and awareness. We build on community mobilization and coalition building efforts with our Violence Prevention and Community Support Task Force. We are here to support efforts to reduce all known areas of violence in our communities.

The Survivor Resource Center serves child, adolescent and adult survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones, offering counselling, legal and medical advocacy, awareness and prevention programs for members and professionals of community and case management.

We provide these services in Vermilion, Edgar and Clark counties. All services are 100% free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. SRC is a non-profit agency – supported by grants and community donations – committed to ending sexual violence in our community. The SRC serves local communities, meeting regularly with community providers, schools, students/parents, organizations and members to work on education, marketing, community outreach and community mobilization events and outreach efforts. building coalitions through the Violence Prevention and Sexual Assault Response Working Group. Crew.

Our services are free to all survivors and their families. We are dedicated to prevention efforts in all areas of the communities we serve.

The Survivor Resource Center (SRC) and local leaders have designated November as PLUS month in Vermilion, Edgar and Clark counties. It’s a month to raise awareness and act all year round to prevent sexual assault.

This month provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the region’s commitment to ending sexual violence and supporting the many survivors among us. It’s an opportunity to educate the public and show people how they can help.

NO MORE Month is co-sponsored by the Vermilion County Violence Prevention Task Force. The task force includes Vermilion County Public Health, Danville Police Department, Vermilion Co. State’s Attorney’s Office, Vermilion County CAC, City of Danville, OSF Healthcare, 3 Kings of Peace, the Boys and Girls Club and many more. The group works on community mobilization efforts in discussions, education, marketing, outreach and public speaking.

Resource Center for Survivors
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