‘Terrible timing, terrible tactics’: Fox News host scolds Graham for hurting GOP with abortion bill


Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.S.C., for the “terrible timing” of his federal abortion ban bill on Tuesday.

If passed, the Protection of Unborn Children Capable of Pain from Late-Late Abortions Act will ban abortion at the federal level after 15 weeks of pregnancy, extending abortion restrictions to blue states.

Unveiled less than 60 days before the midterm elections, Republican leaders are furious at losing their electoral advantage because of the bill. However, Graham told Watters he had an obligation to announce on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and let America become that kind of nation,” Graham said, referring to legislation from countries like North Korea and China.

“Nobody’s saying you have to sit on the sidelines, but yesterday wasn’t the day to do that,” Watters said during the heated interview. “Yesterday was the day they [Democrats] lost all momentum when this inflation thing hit them right in the face and you gave them an exit.”

The Conservative commentator went on to say that Graham should have delayed the press conference.

Graham replied that he doesn’t think “there’s a bad day to stand up for the unborn.”

“America must have a policy that makes us a civilized nation,” he argued, adding that “at 15 weeks, when the baby may be in pain, you provide life-saving anesthesia. .If you operate on it, it must be protected from being dismembered by an abortionist.”

It is with these measures that Graham asserts that the United States will be aligned with France, Germany and Great Britain. “They all have abortion bans below 15 weeks,” he said in the interview.

However, experts say that the pregnancy limits outlined in abortion laws internationally are not comparable to the prohibition proposed by Graham. Additionally, sex education and universal health care – including public abortion assistance – are all provided to citizens of the countries mentioned by Graham.

Despite the fact that 61% of Americans are pro-choice according to a Pew Research Study, Graham defended his bill fiercely. “I will never apologize for standing up for the unborn child,” he said. “You know what, we have to go on the offensive here.”

“But you have to talk tactics, senator,” Watters argued. “It’s terrible timing, terrible tactic. We could have rammed that down their throats the day the Americans got hammered with that inflation number and the market crashed.”

The Fox News host claimed the media now has a false narrative that will hurt Republican chances in the upcoming midterm elections.

“And now all the media and the Democrats are talking about the federal abortion ban. The federal abortion ban,” he said. “You know that’s not smart politics, right?”

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Other conservative talk show hosts have accused Graham of deliberately hurting the Republican Party with the timing of the announcement.

“It’s sabotage. That’s the only way to explain it,” said The Daily Wire’s far-right host Matt Walsh on his podcast. “When did he [Graham] ever shown that he doesn’t care about the pro-life cause? It’s almost like he wants the Republicans to lose. That’s the conspiracy theory I would actually subscribe to here.”

In other viral videoCharlie Kirk, founder of pro-Trump youth organization Turning Point USA, questioned the senator’s tactics.

“Why is Lindsey Graham, 25 days away from the ballots, coming in galloping and saying we need a federal ban on abortion?” Kirk, who also said he would “love a total ban on abortion” because “15 weeks isn’t enough,” said the bill’s announcement “looks like election interference.”

Watch Watters’ interview with Graham below.

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