Top Candidates Based on Downvote Success


Sen. Rick Scottmotivating message to the several hundred participants in the Moms for Freedom national summit was that the candidates at the top of the ballot, like the senators whom it is responsible for electing at the head of the Republican National Senate Committeeneed a strong turnout for school board quality Conservative candidates.

“If you run, you’re going to win everybody,” Scott said.

At the school board level, Scott said people need to keep the pressure on.

“We were already giving (school districts) $150 million a year to strengthen the school, and then they just spend it some other way,” Scott said. “We, as parents, the first thing is that as parents, we have to demand these kinds of things.”

When you go to talk to a school board now, he said, you’re closed.

“Who owns this government?” He asked.

Any member of the school board, he said, changes boards.

“We have sun laws, so everything is done in the sun,” Scott said. “If you’re willing to show up, show up, ask questions, and hold people accountable, that forces everyone to (do that), and that’s what (Sarasota County School Board member ) Brigitte (Ziegler) did.”

Scott’s goal at the summit was to discuss what his administration did in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County.

“Your heart goes out to these people – all of a sudden family members are gone, like that,” Scott said, reflecting on that and other mass shootings while governor. “You couldn’t say goodbye.”

For the governor, he said it’s your job to get to town and see how you can use the power of the office to help.

“The most important thing you can do is get information out to people and respect everyone’s family and privacy, but I think the most important thing is to show up and get good information out to people,” said Scott. “Because what happens, when these things happen, people shut up and don’t want to say anything.”

Co-founder of Moms for Liberty Justice Tiffany was a member of the Indian River County School Board at the time.

“As we’ve seen across the country recently, there are a lot of unknowns and a lot of questions after something so horrific happened,” Justice said. “We waited for information and guidelines.”

Once the information starts to flow, you need to start working to prevent these kinds of events from happening again, which, although not mentioned on stage, has tragically failed nationwide. .

“There are things we knew we had to do at the state level, things we should expect from the school district, things we should expect from the school, things we should expect from the federal government. “Scott said.

Passing a legislative response was not easy, he said, but possible with everyone involved. Talks between lawmakers and parents whose children have died helped push this legislative package through.

“Is it perfect? Of course not,” Scott said. “Is it… where you want it?” Of course not. Should this have a very positive impact on the safety of our school? You better believe it.”

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