Top Republican candidates from some battleground states are running to void upcoming election


The offices on Job included in its analysis include the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the United States House and Senate.

In Arizona and Michigan, Republican candidates for governor and secretary of state — the key state-level roles in administering and certifying elections — questioned the 2020 election results. In Pennsylvania, the Republican gubernatorial candidate did.

But saying they questioned the results doesn’t cover it. Kari Lake, Arizona’s gubernatorial candidate, said in January, “Anyone who was involved in this corrupt, sleazy and shoddy election of 2020, lock them up!”

Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial candidate, actively tried to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 and crossed a police line on January 6, 2021. He said in May that, if he is elected governor, “I can appoint the secretary of state, who has delegated to me the power to make the corrections to the elections, the ballot papers, and all.” I could decertify all state machinery with the stroke of a pen via the Secretary of State. »

These are not people who question the results of a particular election. They are candidates defined by their refusal to accept the will of the voters in a pivotal presidential election, candidates who run to ensure that they are able to cancel the next close election (or the next not so tight) that doesn’t go their way.


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