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On its original release, Back 4 Blood didn’t really support the single player base. Players looking to play alone received all the cards from the start, and there was no sense of progression. As the game evolved, Back 4 Blood has now received a solo progression. Players can jump into an offline campaign and play with the maps they’ve unlocked, but won’t have access to everything from the start.

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Although the scenarios and campaigns are identical in plot and level for both offline and online players, there are many important differences to note. On harder difficulty settings, Back 4 Blood can be very difficult, even for coordinated groups of players. Playing solo will require a different approach, but it can still be just as fulfilling and rewarding as playing online. Here are some key things solo players should know before launching an offline campaign.

ten The difficulty does not change

B4B Mounted Cropped Showcase

Solo players who expect a reduction in game difficulty for offline mode will find no mercy. Those playing on the game’s medium difficulty (veteran mode) or above may find parts of the campaigns incredibly difficult. The game focuses on communication between the four cleaners, and having no one to set traps with or ask for help can lead to some tough times.

The solo player will be assisted by three bots controlling other characters in the game. These robots do not add unique cards to the active deck, and players obviously cannot communicate with them in the same way as another human. These two factors alone increase the difficulty, especially for new players learning the campaigns.


9 Friendly fire still applies

B4B Friendly Fire Cropped

When playing on difficulties with applicable friendly fire, solo players should always be wary of damaging teammates. Bot Cleaners in Offline Campaigns can and will take damage from player attacks. This can often be frustrating as bots have a mind of their own and advance into gunfire more often than taking strategic positions. Trigger Discipline is important in offline and online game modes.

The good thing is that bot mates often don’t like to stray too far from the player. This means they won’t run away to die on their own from a mob of special horsemen after the player has accidentally already damaged them with a hail of rogue fire. Offline campaigns also allow players to practice their triggering discipline in frantic firefights, so they can do less damage to their human companions if they choose to play online next time.

8 First aid cabinets have two free charges

B4B first aid practice

Changes to first aid cabinets are a nice addition to offline mode to help mitigate the often punishing swarms of enemies in harder modes. These small red healing stations can be found in certain areas in every level of a campaign. They are often hidden, so players should be sure to search each area once they have cleared it. Normally, the first aid cabinet has a free charge, and later uses require the cleaner to spit out 400 copper.

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In offline play, the player will have access to two free charges instead of just one. This helps the player to stay in top shape while being able to buy upgrades in safe rooms. Bots won’t use the free charge, so solo players should take advantage of every first aid cabinet they find.

seven Bots have infinite ammo

Cropped Evangelo B4B Shooting Weapon

Unlike their health pools, bots in offline campaigns have access to infinite ammo. This is great news for singleplayer, as managing a computer-controlled character’s inventory and ammo is almost never fun.

With that in mind, solo players should feel free to use whatever weapon they please. In the online game, the four cleaners using one type of ammo can lead to sticky situations with people competing for resources. Solo players can wash that concern off their minds and explode with the weapon that will wipe out the ridden fastest.

6 Ammo cannot be requested

B4B Holly Firing Pistol Cropped

While bots may have access to bottomless ammo pits, they’re certainly not about to share them with the player. In the online game, players can request certain types of ammo from other players in the party. Players will need to be careful with their ammo consumption, especially in the middle of a level where loot might be scarce.

It is best to avoid using two weapons that consume the same ammo type. Solo players should try to have a melee weapon or stick to two different ammo types in case they run out during a fight. Fortunately, all loot from each level goes to the player. Robots will not eat ammo chests, as they have their own infinite supply.

5 Bot mics go directly to the player

Cropped B4B copper mic

Online campaigns can feel chaotic at times, with players all rushing to get the loot on their own. During online play, copper reserves are not shared, and ammo certainly is not. When a weapon crate opens with the best shotgun, the player who catches it first is the only one with it, at least for a while.

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Fortunately, this is not the case with offline play. Solo players won’t have to worry about their bot companion taking the best sniper rifle they can find. Bots will often ping guns and vans for the player to see, but they won’t pick up guns for themselves. Due to their infinite ammo supply, they will also refrain from gobbling up all bullets. Bots will pick up copper when they come across it; however, this all goes directly to the player’s bank, so they won’t need to manage bot bank accounts in each vault.

4 Offline play is a good place to learn

B4B Doc Key Art Cropped

Many players will be stuck playing offline due to a number of restrictions. The recent changes to offline progression are a big step forward in making Back 4 Blood looks more like a normal video game for players stuck in offline mode. That said, players with online access shouldn’t completely ignore offline campaigns either. Solo players can participate in offline campaigns to obtain additional supplies or test out new decks. They can also learn maps in offline mode.

Often, in randomly created online games, there will be a player who knows the game like the back of his hand. They will know all the strategies to beat each area in the most efficient and profitable way possible. There is little time to explore the maps or learn something new. Offline campaigns provide a great chance for players to figure things out on their own.

3 Some areas will need to be played differently

Cropped B4B vault exit

It goes without saying that robot teammates play very differently from human teammates. Online teammates will often have open lines of communication. This means that plans can be made, traps can be set, and resources can be dispatched. Affected bot teammates in offline play have little to no planning ability and act more like drones with weapons. As a result, areas that would normally not be difficult can become much more difficult.

Some areas will require completely new strategies to beat. While bots can use items and heal, they won’t always do these things at the right times and it can seem impossible to set up good traps for those who lack communication. Players shouldn’t feel too discouraged though. Instead, let it be a learning moment on how to play an area in an entirely different way.

2 Offline campaigns are transferred to online play

Cropped B4B Campaign Menu

Players looking to play some Back 4 Blood solo can start a campaign alone and save it for friends later. It’s a great feature, as it allows solo players to gather resources and supplies at their own pace, while continuing a promising run with friends later.

As with an ongoing regular campaign, new players will find they have lackluster loot upon joining, but this will surely be resolved soon. Solo players should feel free to share their offline campaigns with the online world if possible.

1 Supplies acquired offline are transferred to the online game

B4B Fort Hope short

The biggest change to offline play was giving solo players a sense of real progression. They get supplies and have to unlock maps like online players now. Even better, they can easily integrate what they’ve built offline into online campaigns.

Everything continues without pain. No hassle, no new accounts, nothing too complicated. Offline players who have been stuck solo should know that all of their hard work can easily transfer to online play if they wish to switch.

Back 4 Blood is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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