Two more Rocky River city council candidates reach out to voters



ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – This fall’s city council candidates are speaking out in a variety of ways to let residents know them and where they stand on issues.

We have sent all candidates a notice asking if they have ever held public office, how long they have been in office, what their top / favorite accomplishments are and what their top priorities are for the 2022 City Council. Some candidates have not yet answered questions.

This story is the second on the November 2 board election and contains comments from Anjanette Arabian Whitman, a former board representative who is seeking re-election, as well as some views on the board and city from the board chair. and Ward Council 2 Representative James Moran.

The first story can be seen at .html.

Anjanette Arabian Whitman:

“I am running as a member of Rocky River City Council to represent our entire community. My goal is to get back to City Council to make sure Rocky River is the best it can be in all areas of operation and to promote the best interests of the community.

“I served on the Rocky River City Council from 2008 to 2013. I chaired the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Planning and Zoning Committee, assisted in the creation of our city’s master plan, analyzed and implemented. implemented the city budget and organized the Healthy Rocky River initiative.

“I had to leave city council because I was appointed a judge in the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

“I am now using my 20+ years of legal experience as a lawyer to run the Cuyahoga County Family Relations Court Help Center. I lead an exceptional team of dedicated specialists to help over 14,000 people a year navigate family relations court, especially those who cannot afford lawyers.

“I know how the city works and the work that needs to be done. I bring a unique set of skills to the job. I have an experienced legal mind to understand the legal ramifications of every action the city takes for citizens. My administrative capacities will allow me to have an overview of the city.

“Decisions need to be made with a combination of what is wanted, what is needed now, what will be needed in the future, what technology is available to meet those wants and needs, and knowing how to (use) the data. to get the most out of responsible decisions.

“Finally, I bring to the position the passion of an active and committed longtime resident. I am fully invested in Rocky River. I am proud to have grown up here, to be constantly involved in community groups since I was a teenager, and to raise our son here to take advantage of all that Rocky River has to offer.

“My highlighted leadership positions include those of the Rocky River Education Foundation and the Rocky River Library Foundation. I have been a member of the Rocky River Planning & Zoning Commission, the Civil Service Commission, and the Chamber of Commerce, and have always supported the Rocky River Assistance Program to help those in need in our own community.

“(As) a candidate for the Rocky River At-Large City Council, the only support I’m looking for is from the voters. I did not seek any approval from any highlighted groups or individuals. Instead, I want the people of Rocky River to know that I am truly by their side with one agenda item of researching and listening to the needs of the city, then taking action.

“I will behave as a city councilor with class, poise and professionalism, so that every Rocky River citizen knows they are represented by someone who knows that the people of Rocky River are the most valuable asset in the city. city. “

James Moran, speaking on behalf of himself and the outgoing board members:

“Over the past 10 years we’ve seen the city grow, and that’s part of being voted # 1 community in Cleveland magazine. The stakes involved in the commitment of these members (current of the municipal council) to the community and the residents were astonishing.

(Current incumbents include Ward Council Representative Christina Morris, Ward 1 Council Representative Thomas Hunt, and Ward 3 Council Representative Michael P. O’Donnell. Moran and Ward 4 Council Representative John B. Shepherd come forward unopposed.)

“We have organized special hot dog days for the community and have been active in mentoring and helping anyone in need. We cleaned up the park, spent time in schools under government direction, and visited other communities to review plans for the new police department.

“The budget review has been our most important function, and spending time reviewing directors’ budgets, but most importantly, working with new board members in training and upgrading them.

“Rocky River needs committed people who have lived in Rocky River. (The incumbents) are over 200 years old all together – and they are committed to growing and thriving. And we have.

“Now is the time to help them rehearse and get new people to talk to current members and get involved in the community. Then they run.

“Anjanette Arabian Whitman (also) is running and deserving (to be elected) – not by being a Democrat or a woman, but by getting involved.

“Brian Sindelar has also been on the board before and wants to come back (as a general representative).

“It’s about positivity and the city, and these people are helping to create that positive direction. They deserve to be on the board for continued growth.

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