U.S. gun violence apparent result of social and psychological breakdown: expert – Reuters


America’s liberal economy has left citizens vulnerable to a series of growing social problems, said Ismail Hakki Pekin, a retired lieutenant general who also led the intelligence unit of the Turkish General Staff during a period of his career, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

“There seems to be a very bright life in the United States because there are promises about it, like providing great job opportunities for everyone,” Pekin said.

However, Beijing has said that this American idealism is not as true as it is said, and Americans are struggling from a young age with various issues, including growing racism.

“In other words, although the social conditions in the country look very good from the outside, there are a large number of homeless people, many without access to education and around 10 million people are on the brink of starvation,” he added. said.

According to him, many Americans, especially children, are in “a terrible psychological state”. He said many children are filled with hatred and grow up with a desire for revenge.

“And eventually a point of explosion happens, and these kinds of things (gun attacks) happen,” he said.

Stressing the urgent need for revamping the social order and the liberal economy, Beijing stressed that there is a huge need for people to be cared for and protected by the state.

According to Beijing, the recent mass shooting at a school in Texas, which killed 19 children and two teachers, revealed that the US government and the US two-party system have not been able to prevent the growing number of armed attacks over the past two decades.

His view echoes a comment recently published by the American news site The Intercept. The opinion piece exposed an American aberration that the country is “passively tolerating high levels of violence while actively suppressing evidence of the massacre.” He noted that the scale of American violence is staggering in all the wrong ways.

The expert believed that gun lobbies, including individual gun companies and defense industry companies, are very active and powerful in the US electoral system, donating large sums of money. money to parties during their election campaigns.

For him, the pressure of the arms industry makes the question of personal armament unresolved.

He also said gun ownership in the United States has reached a level not seen elsewhere and could trigger more dramatic incidents in the future.


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