“Very tense” campaign feud continues for Wichita Co. Precinct 2


Fincannon responds to ongoing ‘complaints’

WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) – The race for commissioner of Wichita County 2 has been anything but normal.

During a press conference on Friday, Mickey Fincannon made it clear that there was still a lot of brewing between him and his opponent Lee Harvey. Harvey, however, chose not to comment on anything at this time, as they both continue their fierce battle for the Precinct 2 siege.

“Over the past few weeks this election campaign has become very tense to say the least,” Fincannon said.

The race for this seat is familiar.

Former Commissioner Harvey takes on incumbent Mickey Fincannon, and things have been pretty rocky as this ongoing feud continues to grow with what Fincannon calls claims against Harvey.

“Some of these complaints came to me while I was a police officer, some came to me while I was running for office, and even more have come to me since I was elected,” said Fincannon.

The complaints, he said, relate to Harvey’s conduct while in office, which involve alleged offenses such as abuse of power by an elected official, falsification of documents and use of county equipment for personal business.

Everything Harvey says is false, but something Fincannon still wants to investigate, which led him to send an email to District Attorney John Gillespie that reads in part:

“Due to all the current controversy involving any further investigation, I wish to ask you who to file a complaint with. I thought it best to ask you directly since you are the criminal district attorney.”

Fincannon to Gillespie in an email

Gillespie, honoring Fincannon’s wishes for a truly transparent election, called for an independent prosecutor to be appointed to investigate these allegations and also released Fincannon’s original email in this statement, which was another area discussed during of Fincannon’s press conference.

“Can you tell me why the email I wrote to the Wichita County attorney himself regarding a possible criminal case would be made public?” said Fincannon.

Fincannon says that despite his candidacy for public office, he did not expect any of this to be made public and that in future he hopes that honesty will be at the forefront of this investigation and of this campaign.

“All I’m trying to do is get the facts out to the public. I tried 100% to do this every day. If you state the facts strictly, I don’t think you can go wrong,” Fincannon said.

Leaving all parties involved with plenty to think about.

In a statement to our newsroom, Gillespie issued the following statement:

“I believe in public transparency in this very public situation, I will not be dragged into any further back and forth over this. There are already too many. »


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