11 candidates for the post


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After eight years in the position of Jacksonville Football coach,

John Grass have announced on Saturday after the final against Abilene Christian that he was retiring.

Grass became the head coach in 2014, after having becoming the offensive coordinator for the staff of Bill Clark.

He scored 72-26 during his time playing for the Gamecocks.

Here’s the sneekpeek at potential candidates to succeed the 1990 JSU graduates as the Gamecocks get ready for the transition to FCS to FBS and announce that they will be moving towards.

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Nelson Adams, Jacksonville Defensive Line Coach and Assistant Coach

Adams will play his first season as a full-time member of his staff with Grass.Adams was an Mississippi defensive lineman from 2012 to 2016 and was became an undrafted agent by the Steelers.While Adams was only employed for one season it is possible that he will be an option for continuity.


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